How Randy Douthit Stays Focused In A Hectic Industry

As producer and director of the hit show Judy Justice, Randy Douthit knows all about the stress of delivering over 100 episodes on an intense shooting schedule. But thanks to a meditation habit he picked up years ago, he’s able to stay focused amidst the craziness.

In college, philosopher Walter Russell’s teachings resonated with Douthit. Russell believed true knowledge already lies within each of us, just waiting to be unearthed. Meditation became Douthit’s tool to tap into this inner wisdom and handle the demands of his career.

“You open up your mind and relax and just let things happen,” Douthit says of his early morning meditation sessions. “You don’t want to force your thoughts. You just want to be able to think of good things and then stop thinking totally.”

This ritual allows Douthit to get centered before heading to the set. As a director, he has to coordinate cameras and action seamlessly. By grounding himself first, he’s able to thrive in a hectic environment.

Douthit takes a similar mindful approach to auto racing. Before picking up speed, he’ll slowly drive the track to become one with the course. Whether behind the wheel or behind the scenes, this meditative practice keeps Douthit focused.

After close to 30 years working alongside Judge Judy, Douthit has directing down to a science. “I’ve got to make sure the cameras are covering the right thing at the right time,” he says. Staying present amidst the moving parts is key.

In the end, Douthit attributes his long career to keeping calm under pressure. While television can be stressful, mindfulness helps him roll with the punches.

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