Card Machines For Small Businesses

Whether you’re running a high street shop or selling your products in a market stall, card payments are the easiest and most popular way to collect payment. These card machines help you accept chip and PIN, contactless and mobile device payments.

Choose a pay-as-you-go card machine that has no setup fee or shipping charge, and charges a flat rate for each transaction (1.69%). There are different rates for bigger businesses with personalized pricing plans.


A countertop card machine sits at a fixed point such as a till, and offers the option of contactless payments. This type of machine is perfect for businesses like newsagents, barbers and takeaways that don’t need to move around the building to serve customers. Countertop machines are also known as PDQ terminals and have the cheapest rental costs of all card payment devices.

These static terminals usually connect to a PSTN landline or broadband connection and offer a chip-and-pin as well as Android Pay, Apple Pay and contactless NFC payments. They come with a direct line to customer support and technical assistance for PCI compliance.

To get started with a countertop card machine you need to set up a merchant account with UTP. Once you’re signed up, your card terminal will be pre-configured and ready to use. Transactions processed on your account will then be deposited into your business bank account in two to three working days.

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Whether you’re a hot food or drinks vendor, mobile hairdresser or market trader, portable card machines allow you to take payment from customers on the move – perfect for small business owners who want to offer a more personal service. They’re not reliant on a mobile network and can connect to WiFi or Bluetooth, as well as your traditional landline (which is useful if you have poor signal).

These devices come with an integrated SIM that will connect to the local mobile network wherever you are in the UK, enabling you to accept chip and contactless payments. The cost of a portable card machine starts at around PS20 per month plus transaction fees.

The Dojo Go device from Paymentsense is a new entry to the portable card machine market and offers bespoke rates for merchants with over PS150k in monthly card turnover. Their subscription plan costs PS20 per month with no set-up fee and free next day delivery.


There are a few providers offering mobile card machines that are designed for small businesses. These devices are based around an app and can be used to accept chip and pin or contactless payments. They typically have lower transaction fees than a traditional payment terminal. They also offer low monthly rental costs or one-off device fees.

For example, the Square GO 2 reader is available for a one-off PS19 + VAT purchase or with an 18-month contract at PS10 + VAT. The company also offers a portable Ingenico mPOS terminal that includes an adaptable POS software suite. Dojo Go is another mobile provider with a variety of machines and a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This can be helpful for SMEs with variable income. The company offers a variety of POS software integrations, including email invoicing, an online business account and ecommerce integration. They also offer 24/7 phone support. Their cheapest plan is for a business with a monthly card turnover of up to PS200,000.


In an increasingly cashless society, it’s essential that your business can accept card payments. The good news is, there’s a range of affordable and lightweight card machines on the market for small businesses that enable chip & pin or contactless card and device payments.

iZettle Reader is one of the best-rated and lowest cost card machines for small business, offering a variety of features including: a high-quality, robust and compact design, a simple mobile application, and faster processing times. It also offers the lowest transaction fees for small businesses that process PS10k a month or more.

The latest standalone terminal myPOS Go looks simple, but is capable of many advanced functions, including a built-in SIM and 3G/4G connectivity for mobile payment. It also boasts same-day payments (when the business signs up to the service and pays a subscription), which is much quicker than most providers can guarantee1.

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