Entering The New Year – Seaside Clubs Annual Review 2022

Hello everyone!

It’s HK.

It’s been a difficult year for all of us. 2022 was full of breakthroughs and disappointments, but we continued to do our work despite the global crisis, crypto winter and other obstacles.

I’ve always dreamt of creating a product that will survive any storm, an ecosystem where everyone feels safe and secure no matter how intensively the ground under their feet is shaking.

Seaside Club became my dream come true. From the start, I found myself thinking that Seaside is not only about an ecosystem; it’s about people who care about the future.

And this applies not only to web3 but to the world because bridging web2 and web3 and offering people different investment opportunities built into one ecosystem that enables them to change their future.

As the year comes to a close, I decided to remember the most exciting achievements of our team within these 12 months. So let’s enter the New Year with good memories.

Launch of the Crypto Hunters Show

Crypto Hunters is the first IP developed by Seaside Club Technology. The show was conceived to involve the global audience in the process of learning about crypto.

It is crucial for us to ensure that this sphere will be mass-adopted and that people worldwide will realize that blockchain is useful in their everyday lives and it’s the only place in the world where borders are non-existent.

This year we’ve already prepared the show for a worldwide release. We also developed a way for our community to participate in this show via a special Crypto Hunters NFT collection. This collection is limited to 6000 pieces of unique design and various rarity traits.

The total movie production budget is estimated to be around 10 million USD.

With our existing agreement we are now targeting over 250 MLN households globally. I’m pretty sure that with a team of professionals like Bruce Macdonald, Bianca Goodloe and Samad Davis we’ll reach this goal very soon!

Participation in the Next Block Expo in Berlin

We’re deeply proud of our CBDO Liliia Mitina who presented Seaside Ecosystem at the stage on 23–24 November.

By the way, I was really excited to give an interview at the Expo and share my views and values with so many like-minded people.

We got a lot of business and networking opportunities here. And next year they may result in new collaborations! TBA

Seed Sale start

We successfully started the Seed Sale round!

Right now we have the following goals:

Funds to raise: $21 mln.

Price per token: $0.15 price.

Vesting period: 30 months.

Our team has already talked with the top web3 funds, and soon we’ll roll out the first exciting results.

Check out our article about tokenomics to learn the details.

Learn2Earn App pre-launch

In our previous article, we’ve already described some cool functions within the app, including

  • Network with all holders and with the team in a special chat
  • Daily quizzes
  • Attaining a great prize by winning the monthly live quiz
  • Industry news
  • Opportunity to spend tokens for blue chip NFTs and special tickets to real-life events

You will also be able to propose your business project to be funded by Seaside Holding.

We’ve partnered with FKT 42, the blockchain development company from Germany, to help us develop the first version of the app.

Speaking of partnerships…

Partnerships with top blockchain companies

Seaside Club is already partnering with Chainlink (the most widely used oracle network), PureFi (the one-stop compliance protocol), FKT 42 blockchain development (already worked with Siemens and Vaillant) and Hacken (leading blockchain cybersecurity company). If you’re a crypto fan, you don’t even need the description of these companies.

We already signed an agreement with Boomtown Production to create the Crypto Hunters show. They are known worldwide for their movies, documentaries and especially commercials for Volkswagen, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, football star Messi and many more.

We’re overjoyed to be in such good company!

Seaside Club Quest-Reward Program with CREW3

This year we also held the first Seaside Quest-Reward Sprint.

I can’t stop saying that I didn’t expect such a huge response! It exceeded all our expectations: 140 participants participated in the first sprint!

I congratulate winners with great XP rewards and look forward to the new January 2023 sprint. Entering the New Year.

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