History Of Logos

Today companies, whatever the area in which they specialize, must face great competition in order to stand out, the question is, what do these do to differentiate themselves from the others and make it easy for the public to remember them? That’s where logos come in.

But what is a logo? It is a graphic representation that acts symbolically ensuring the identification of a company, person, city or thing in the minds of others by using pictures and slab serif font.

The more creative and better elaborated, the more effective, if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is think about a soda, I bet my graphic designer salary that the first thing that came to mind was the Coca-Cola logo, Pepsi or some other soda company, right?

Well, this time we are going to take a short walk through the historical evolution of logos, and for this, we will divide it.


One of its predecessors is the pictogram, whose beginnings go back to the caveman, who expressed his ideas on stone through figures of animals and people.


At this stage in the history of humanity, a large number of societies used graphic signs to represent things. The Romans and Greeks captured the faces of their kings on ancient coins, and civilizations such as the Aztecs, Egyptians, and Chinese, among others, also expressed their beliefs, worldview, and identity through these types of signs.


During the rise of feudalism, the need arose to find something that identifies things, feudal lords wore distinctive graphics, farmers marked their cattle, and artisans and goldsmiths, in the same way, used distinctive and this trend is becoming stronger. while the capitalist system made its way into the world.


With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the production of goods increased and the need to differentiate their products was seen, as a result of which the logos are positioned and gained great popularity. The innovative lithographic techniques of the time were another key factor that allowed the logo to expand throughout the world.


However, the first logo considered as such was that of the Bass Brewery beer company, it turns out that on January 1, 1876, the so-called UK Trademark Registration Act was launched. An employee of the aforementioned company waited all night outside the registry offices, and his effort was not in vain, since Bass’s red triangle is considered the world’s first logo.

And it was from that moment that everyone took the issue of creating logos very seriously, the designer category was professionally established, the quality of graphics improved, and the designs became more and more creative and innovative.


Thanks to technological advances (especially computer science) the graphic designer along with free fonts have at his disposal a series of very powerful tools to carry out his work and make it easier. Nowadays, in today’s society, a life without logos would be unthinkable. They are everywhere and we have already gotten used to them, forming a natural part of our lives.

In short, no one can deny the power and importance that logos have had socially from the beginning of humanity to our times. Or what do you think about it? Leave me your comment.

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