7 Frequently Asked Sales And Marketing Interview Questions

Cracking a job interview can be a hectic and challenging task. To help in preparing for your dream sales and marketing job, some of the interview questions are given below. So without any further delay, let us start now!

What are your resources to stay motivated?

Every interviewer will try to know the assets that you use to stay motivated for your job. They will want to know how passionate you are about your job and selling a particular product. The answer can vary from person to person, but overall, everyone must answer that question with enthusiasm and innovation so that recruiters can get a chance to have a look at your skills.

How will you meet your goals?

Being in the sales and marketing field is goal oriented that requires extreme dedication. So an interviewer will try to get more information about your field and ideas to meet your goals. You should answer these questions by highlighting your education and qualifications, such as the type of sales and marketing courses that you have pursued, etc. In addition, it is always advised that you should stay humble while answering such questions so that the interviewer can engage with you more.

Why do you want to work in our company?

It is one of the favorite questions of the interviewers that they ask the employees. Your interviewer, through this question, wants to have a look at how you have studied the history of the company, such as strategies and other ideas to increase sales. In addition, you can also tell the interviewer about the personal skill set, expertise and experience that you have, which makes you good for the position.

How can you handle rejection?

To succeed in the field of sales and marketing, one has to master the skill of handling rejection. It is one of themost commonly asked sales and marketing interview questions. By this question, your interviewer wants to test your strengths and other strong areas that may help you while dealing with a client. Try to be candid and speak your heart out about the ways that you will use to handle the rejection.

Why do I want to work in the sales and marketing field?

Interviewers will always be interested to know why one is passionate about working in the field. You can answer these questions by highlighting your passion, skills, and how you will use ideas to contribute to the growth of the company. You should also use real-life examples to make them understand your point.

How do you keep in touch with the latest trends in the industry?

Through this question, you can let the interviewer know the ways through which you keep yourself updated with the latest industry-related news. Being in this field, you should be well versed in the fact that trends keep changing, so be in touch with the latest developments to get successful in the sales and marketing areas.

How can you crack a sales and marketing project?

An interviewer will try to test your strategic skills by asking these questions. You can answer this question by sharing the scenario and ideas that you will follow to crack a particular deal. It is also advised that you should properly talk about your past accomplishments without bragging so that the recruiters can get a clear idea about your long-term goals.

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