Gorgeous Chandbali Earrings To Show Off During The Festive Season By India Trend

 Every Girl Who Plans To Dress Up For The Upcoming Festivities And Weddings Should Have A Pair Of Chandbali Earrings. These Beautiful Chandbali Earrings From A Variety Of Designs Are Our Picks.

Traditional Hyderabadi earrings come in the form of chandbali designs. These days, these earrings are extremely popular due to their distinctive appearance. Learn more about what makes them unique. As Chandbali designs were created in Hyderabad during the Nizam dynasty, they are primarily linked to Hyderabadi jewelry.

Pearl imports were significant in Hyderabad during their dominion, which is why pearl jewelry became more fashionable at this time. Even while pearls were a part of the original Chandbali designs, contemporary iterations of the same style also feature Kundan designs, Meena work, jhumka forms, and other types of jewelry. Additionally, one can see Chandbali artwork made of pure silver, which has a different style from that of the Nizams.

Why is Chand Bali jewelry so well-liked?

 The popularity of Chandbali earrings is due to a variety of factors. They are adaptable and go with both classic and contemporary attire. They can be worn for a modest event or a lavish wedding and provide a touch of beauty and elegance. They fit inside the board price range, giving them a great choice for individuals on a tight budget. Although Chand Bali earrings are typically used for more formal situations, their adaptability makes them a great option for transforming the commonplace into the spectacular.

Jewelry is a favorite accessory for women, as is obvious. The chandbali is a staple item of jewelry for women despite jewelry trends coming and going. During the Mughal Empire, women first started donning chandbalis. The Hindi words for “moon” and “earring,” respectively, are chand and bali. Chandbali, which means “moon earring,” is what you get when you mix these two words.

The chandbali’s strongest feature is its versatility; it can be worn with anything from sarees to lehengas to suits to jeans and a shirt. For a brief period of time, this jewelry item slipped out of style, but Leela from the Bollywood hit Ram Leela went to considerable efforts to ensure that the chandbali was brought back into fashion. The chandbalis come in gold, silver, and oxidised metal. The chandbali earring style is perfect for formal gatherings, casual wear, and special occasions.

 Here, In this article, India trend presents you with some of their best Chandbalis:-

  •  Ekta Chandbali Earrings: These gold-plated chandbali earrings are embellished with hot pink, hot green, and imitation polki diamonds. Metal of high grade alloy makes up the base. The most common type of chandbali for parties and occasions.
  • Medha Chandbali Earrings: These imitation pearl beads, hot pink stones, spider turquoise stones, and gold-plated chandbali earrings are designed to seem like real polki diamonds. Metal of high grade alloy makes up the base. These chandbalis are famous for their outlook appearance and are in high demand during wedding season.
  •  Meenaz Earring: This pair of Gold Tone Jhumki Hoop Earrings is decorated with Faux Pearls, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green, Black, Ruby, and Simulated Polki Beads. High grade metal alloy makes up the foundation.
  • Punjab Earrings: This pair of Gold Plated Jhumki Earrings features Simulated Polki Diamond Multicolor Stones and Pearl Beads. High-grade metal alloy makes up the foundation.
  • Kolkata Earrings: This pair of two-tone dangling earrings is embellished with pearls, CZs, and imitation Polki diamonds. Metal of high grade alloy makes up the base.
  • Anvika Earrings: This faux pearl and grey beads and gold-tone jhumki earrings are made. The metal of high-grade alloy makes up the base.


 Earrings are the most important part of fashion accessories and You must buy chandbali earrings by India Trend. They have an awesome collection of bridal jewelry online.

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