Need A Solution For Effective Marketing? Here’s What You Should Know

Have you ever deeply thought about what marketing is all about?

It is all about showcasing your product or business offerings in the best way to intrigue your potential users to buy from you, sidestepping other competitors.

But what if your intended business information fails to reach your potential customers? Or what if your business information reaches your customers, but they don’t view it timely?

In both cases, this makes it difficult for firms to market their business offerings effectively/ Eventually, it will hamper marketing responses and returns.

So, to get around these situations and tap into more construction marketing, Salesforce SMS marketing can help.

What is Salesforce SMS Marketing?

Salesforce SMS marketing is a way that allows you to send SMS from Salesforce to communicate with audiences for different purposes, which includes marketing too.

In its barebone format, Salesforce does not provide any default capability to send SMS using Salesforce.

Hence, the best way to get messaging features in Salesforce is to install an advanced texting app from AppExchange. Choosing the right texting solution helps you get out-of-the-box features.

You can manage Salesforce SMS marketing operations faster and conveniently at scale.

Also, you can reduce the time investment of various other text operations but putting them on auto-pilot using automation.

Why does SMS Marketing Work?

The right marketing approach provides you with a wide range of advantages in business and allows you to run marketing campaigns successfully.

And this is why SMS marketing is one of the widely-opted methods by marketers.

Here are some reasons that you should look at to understand why SMS marketing works and why it should be a part of your marketing pursuits.

Provides a Way for Consistent Interaction without a Miss

While trying to approach potential customers, businesses use several types of communication channels. It could be emails, calls, and texts.

SMS provides a consistent way to interact with audiences without fail.

You can automate a single or a series of text messages at various stages of a customer’s lifecycle.

This would help you build a loyal fan following for your brand and strengthen your relationship with them.

You can automate company updates or updates related to your new products, services, events, etc.

Works Well with Other Communication Channels

The best part about Salesforce SMS marketing is you can pair it up with other marketing channels.

Say you are calling your potential customers to educate or market a certain line of products and services, and you want to send some written information simultaneously; this is where SMS marketing can help.

With the help of Salesforce CTI and SMS, you can send text messages while on a call with a prospect or a customer. So, this is something that increases the value of Salesforce text messaging in business.

Mobile-Friendly Way of Marketing

We all know that prospects and customers are usually on the go due to work, conferences, events, etc.

This makes it essential that you should be able to reach your prospects and customers regardless of their location.

And this is where again Salesforce SMS marketing comes into play. Mobile phones are ubiquitous and personal devices that stay all the time with a person.

So, Salesforce SMS marketing provides a mobile-friendly way to market your business offerings and connect with your customers no matter where they are.

You can send the intended information over a device that is portable and frequently checked by the customers.

Sure-Shot Viewability of Information You Send

With other marketing channels, like emails and calls, you might have to wait longer for customer responses, and sometimes there could be no responses.

These days people are less likely to check their email inboxes than SMS.

Also, if customers are busy in a meeting or some high-priority task, they do not attend to respond to any call.

If you are trying to approach them over a call, they may or may not attend your call, which leads to multiple calls from your end to convey the business information.

Here, texts come to the rescue.

As SMS has the highest open and response rate, this can help you with effective marketing.

Using Salesforce SMS marketing, you can ensure that the recipients will read your messages, and you can expect better responses, which is essential for effective marketing.

Tips to Make Marketing Effective with the Right Texting Capabilities

Any campaign’s success depends on your approach while running a campaign. Here are some tips that can help you produce the best results when you send SMS using Salesforce for marketing campaigns.

Learn About your Potential Customers

The better you know your customers, the more you can personalize your marketing effort.

The easiest way to do this is to run SMS surveys or questionnaires. You can configure different questions to understand their tastes and preferences.

You can configure questionnaires for competitive analysis if you’re self-sufficient to configure surveys and questionnaires.

Segment your Audiences for Targeted Marketing

One strategy only works for some, as every customer is different and is at a different stage of a customer lifecycle.

Audience segmentation is an essential move you can’t afford to skip while running campaigns.

While choosing an app, look for the features that help you segment audiences based on responses or let you apply keyword filters.

This way, you can segment audiences based on their replies in text.

Always be Available for Instant Responses

When you run a campaign, you can expect a lot of responses in return from potential customers.

Customers are impatient, so they do not like waiting to hear from a brand. Therefore, you should be quick and instant in responding to incoming texts.

For this, you can use triggered texting. You can configure responses to trigger in the event of incoming texts. This will helps you respond instantly.

Also, if you have a well-defined incoming sidebar to notify you about each incoming text message, you can respond faster without delay.

Pay Attention to the Text Timing

No matter how well-defined your text campaign is, if your text messages are not going out at an unusual time like at night, they will surely lose their effectiveness.

So, while running Salesforce SMS marketing campaigns, always consider the text message timings. It would be good if you could pause campaigns for the nighttime.

This way, when you schedule and send SMS using Salesforce, they will maintain their impact, and customers will be more interested in reading them without getting annoyed.

The Call to Action Shouldn’t be Vague

What is the point of running a campaign if customers don’t know what to do next after reading it?

So, CTA in text messages should be clear and not leave your customers clueless.

Based on the goal you want to achieve, you can add a power CTA in your text.

This will help you drive better responses giving audiences a clear way to act.


Salesforce SMS marketing can be a game changer for you if you’re well-acquainted with every aspect associated with it. Knowing its importance for business, you can incorporate the most powerful tool in your business for effective and targeted marketing. More importantly, you can easily increase marketing returns on your spending by using the right strategies and approaches. Over and above, you get a reliable and ubiquitous platform that allows you to connect with audiences at scale for marketing without investing much time.

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