How To Make The Most Of Your Conference Meetings – 6 Secrets To Success

Anyone can host a conference but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a successful one that achieves the required objectives or desired outcomes. A successful conference takes forethought, planning and needs to include certain elements to ensure its success.

Let’s look at some key tips and ideas that will create a conference to remember, one that exceeds all expectations.

#1 – Work Out Your Objectives First

No conference has a chance of being a resounding success unless the conference’s objectives and goals are worked out first. Time should be spent on this as the aspects of the conference and its overall direction will depend largely on what the goals are.

Collaborate with other members of your team and thrash out ideas. Come up with everything you can think of, make a list and then trim off anything that proves to be irrelevant or unnecessary.

Very likely, this will be step one in the planning process.

#2 – Conference Attendance

Something else that’s vital to the outcome of a successful conference in attendance. Does everybody involved in the company need to attend, or just select individuals?

Knowing who you want or need to attend your conference is one thing. Getting everyone to attend is another task entirely. Providing incentives to attend is one way to attract people to a conference. Another is to provide valuable information and insight as part of the conference program.

Whether your conference is targeting employees only, other relevant businesses, or the general public and prospective customers, you’ll need ways to get the word out and promote your conference. Spreading the word online through social media is one avenue. For employee-specific conferences, email, signage in the workplace, and interdepartmental memos will get the word out.

A conference is only going to be a success if it’s well-attended and attended by the right people.

#3 – Include Virtual and Digital Elements

If some of the conference attendees can’t make it to the venue of the conference for any reason, possibly due to distance, it’s a good idea to also add virtual elements to your business conference. This way, those that can’t attend in person will still get to sit in on the conference with a computer or laptop and not miss out. It also allows remote workers and company contacts to be able to relay their knowledge or expertise via a video connection.

A modern conference will ideally have some digital elements or content. This might be in the form of corporate videos, short promotional or instructional films, having the image of those speaking or making a presentation on stage projected onto a big screen in large venues and so on.

#4 – The Venue

The venue you select can make or break your conference, so this is something you’re going to want to get right. Once you know what your conference objectives are and have a good idea of how many delegates will be attending in person, you’ll be able to search for a venue that fits your specific requirements.

The size of the venue and its location will need to be factored in, along with whether the venue has the capacity to deliver everything you envision for your conference. Lighting, sound, video screens, seating arrangements, catering, parking, and more need to all be closely looked at.

In fact, it’s often best to make a list of what you want in a venue, breaking into down into essential elements and those that are non-essential. This list of requirements will make choosing the right venue easier and far more accurate.

#5 – Organise It Yourself Or Hire An Expert Team?

When you start thinking about holding a conference, a question that may come to mind is whether you should plan and organize the conference yourself, with the help of your staff, or call in the conference planning services of a professional team.

If you have previous experience in putting together conferences or events and you have the time to do so, then you might simply organize your own conference. For those with no time or experience, you will be far better served seeking professional assistance. There is also a much greater chance your conference will be successful and exceed expectations if you hire the services of an expert conference planner or event management team.

A quick search online for ‘conference organizers UK’ will bring up some possibilities. If you’re located elsewhere, just substitute the UK with your location.

Your conference organizers will liaise with you every step of the way to ensure the conference is exactly how you envision it to be. This includes assistance with locating the perfect venue, planning and organizing the conference set up, guest registration, providing virtual and digital elements if required, conference programming, organizing food and drinks if they are to be made available, and more.

If you’re not confident about organizing the conference yourself or simply don’t have the time, hire a professional service to take care of it all for you.

#6 – Develop a Conference Budget

One of the most crucial elements of any conference is the budget you’ll set aside to pay for it. Your budget will also likely dictate how many people can attend and what you can afford to include in your conference.

In step one you worked out your objectives, so you’ll want a budget that can create a conference that will achieve those key objectives and targets. Trying to organize a memorable and successful conference on a small budget is going to prove tough going, so if the outcome of the conference is of major importance, it’s worth allocating a decent budget for the conference to ensure it contains all the elements you desire.

In Conclusion

Putting together a professional and successful conference takes some time, effort, and money but if you plan it out correctly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to walk away from your conference feeling as though it was a resounding success. To further guarantee that it is, call in the help of professional conference planners and organizers.

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