It Turns Out That Mr. P Has 8 Different Shapes

Most men feel insecure when in bed because the shape of the penis is considered unattractive. Whereas when making love the most important thing is not the shape or size of the penis, but the technique and also how men can bring the atmosphere during sex. However, many women attach importance to the shape of the penis on the grounds that they get more satisfaction from certain penis shapes. A study says that in the world in general there are 8 forms of the penis that are owned by men. In addition, you can also do some natural ways to make the penis look bigger, such as losing weight or shaving pubic hair. Not only safer, this method is also certainly easier to do. If you still want to know more about penis enlargement products or other penis enlargement methods that suit your needs, don’t hesitate to consult Phallosan Forte Review.

Here are some common forms of penises in men:

1. Churros

One of the most common forms of penises men have is straight like churros. The shape of this churros looks like the base to the stem. Generally, this penis shape is thinner. Because of its shape, men who have Churros penises have to deal with certain sex positions. As much as possible, find a position that allows your partner’s thighs to be close enough.

2. Big and Long

Many call the shape of a large and long penis a dream. However, that’s not necessarily how it feels when making love. In a study even revealed the fact that women prefer a partner with a penis size is not too big for a long-term commitment. For those who have a large and long penis shape, you should choose a sex position that gives control to the couple. Whether it’s depth or slope to avoid discomfort.

3. Cucumber-like shape

Furthermore, there is also a penis shape like a cucumber which makes it easier to explore various styles. If you can say it’s an advantage, the shape of this penis fits most vaginal shapes so that the experience of making love becomes more comfortable.

4. Micropenis

There is a small percentage of people who are medically classified as having a micro or small penis. When having an erection, the length is no more than 7-8 cm. Allegedly, one of the causes of micropenis is a person’s low testosterone levels during development in the womb. However, the shape of a micro penis does not mean you can’t feel the satisfaction of making love. Choose a position that allows deep penetration, such as placing a pillow under your partner’s buttocks.

5. Like a rocket

Another penis shape is like a rocket, wide at the base but getting smaller at the head. As long as the size difference isn’t drastic, there’s nothing to worry about.

6. Thick like sausage

The shape of a thick penis is also owned by most men. It doesn’t need to be long, but a thick penis shape is very likely to satisfy a partner. To get to the G-spot, try the missionary or spooning position for deeper contact.

7. Curved like a banana

The shape of the penis is not always straight, there is also a curved like a banana. This form develops at puberty. To avoid discomfort during sexual intercourse, find a position facing each other so that the partner’s vagina can provide sufficient space for the penis.

8. Peyronie’s Disease

The final shape of the penis is a rare example that is quite worrying, namely a penis that is curved about 10 to 25 degrees. Consequently, people with Peyronie’s Disease can find it difficult ΓÇô even painful ΓÇô to make love. The cause can occur due to trauma to the penis that causes injury. In addition, genetic factors and age are also risk factors for Peyronie’s Disease.

This condition can be treated with medication or surgery. Keep in mind that the shape of the penis can change with age. Of course, testosterone levels also play a significant role. The development of the shape of the penis begins at the age of 9 years, when the pituitary gland instructs the body to produce testosterone. In some people, there is a possibility that the penis becomes curved with age. The difference in the shape of the penis between one man and another is a very natural thing. If the shape of the penis interferes with activities or feels less normal, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. There are many treatment options that can be tried.

Before trying to do various methods of enlarging the penis, you should first consider the benefits and risks that can be caused. Especially if you want to use a penis enlargement product whose safety and effectiveness are not known for certain.

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