Osteopathic Physician: What Kind Of Problems Does He Deal With?

All the organs in our bodies are interconnected with each other. If one organ fails, the other systems try to compensate for it, and the whole body suffers as a result. Osteopathy is alternative medicine, which is treated only with the hands. All organ systems, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems need freedom. Then the body can function normally, and supply nutrients and oxygen to all cells.

An osteopath is a physician with a medical degree, who has completed a residency, an internship, and professional retraining. An osteopath checks for mobility in the joints pinched clogged muscles, and salt accumulation, and has enough knowledge to recognize physical disorders. A person’s health depends on their emotional state and their body structure (muscular, bone system, and biochemistry).

The osteopath has sensitive hands that help him feel every inch of the body and identify hidden problems before an acute clinical picture emerges. It is very important to go to an osteopath for preventive purposes, it will help to maintain health and keep an active lifestyle. Many people mistakenly think that osteopathy is just a complex massage to relieve tension and stiffness. Osteopathy is divided into three main types:

  • Visceral – the main focus of which is the coordinated work of the organs, their correct anatomical arrangement in the body;
  • Parietal – responsible for the work of the muscular, bone system, and joints;
  • Craniosacral – works with lymphatic and central nervous systems.

What problems does osteopathy treat?

All systems of organs in our body are connected, and if one of them suffers, it affects the general condition. Osteopathic treatment is effective for these conditions:

  • musculoskeletal disorders;
  • migraines;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • lymphatic and circulatory disorders;
  • diseases of the joints, such as arthritis and arthrosis;
  • displacement of organs, and bone structures;
  • changes in the spinal column, and nervous system.

Osteopathic Healing Arts ✔️ Direct Primary Care has assembled a team of professionals who are happy to help solve physical, psychological, and mental health problems. Appointments can be made for both children and adults. The osteopath will examine you, collect general anamnesis and suggest further treatment tactics because each patient has his own methodology and a special approach.

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