How To Be An Outstanding Tenant With All Bases Covered

To be a good tenant, you must have excellent credit, pay your rent on time every month, and be respectful of your neighbors. Yet, there’s more! To ensure you have the most pleasant living experience possible, follow these tips:

1) Be clean

Clean up after yourselves and put your laundry away. Wash the dishes and vacuum. If you’re never home, at least don’t leave a mess. You may very well want to consider having the property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

2) Get tenant’s insurance

You can get insurance from to protect you from the costs of replacing your belongings if they are stolen or damaged. More importantly, the correct policy can cover any damage you or your guests cause to the property.

3) Be respectful

Include your neighbors in conversations, do chores on time and ask permission before entering someone’s yard. Don’t leave your trash in the street. If you receive mail, check it, and don’t throw away the junk mail without checking the name on the delivery box. If you know a friend, acquaintance, or relative who might live nearby, ask before entering their property. Don’t play music at unreasonable hours or do anything that might disturb them.

4) Be a friendly tenant

Say hello to other tenants you see in the hall. Get to know your neighbors and be a good neighbor. Smile at them, but don’t bother them if they’re not interested or give them a hard time.

If you have any pets, even small ones, try to keep them quiet and don’t allow them to trouble anyone. Remember that pets aren’t allowed in every rental unit because of allergies or personal preferences among some renters.

5) Be cautious when choosing roommates

Choose people you know very well and trust absolutely, yet be aware there are some bad eggs out there. You don’t want to find yourself living with someone who won’t pay their share of the rent or is unreliable, disrespectful, destructive, or irresponsible in any way. Don’t move in with someone you hardly know, who’s had some bad luck, or whose credit rating is not good. If you do, check references and do background checks in every legally allowed way possible to be sure they’re a good tenant.

6) Be law-abiding

Don’t break the law or be involved in anything shady. There is a good chance that you’ll be caught, and it will reflect poorly on your future rental history.

For example, don’t be a repeat offender in drug sales or use. Don’t have large amounts of cash and don’t carry guns.

7) Don’t have loud parties

Don’t turn the music up loud or be too noisy with the neighbors. Make sure you turn down your music at reasonable hours, especially if you’re close to neighbors. It’s best not to have late-night parties or invite lots of people over too much.

8) Do be a good neighbor

Be helpful and friendly with your neighbors. Invite them for dinner and barbecues.

Be a team player by helping maintain the grounds, especially if it’s in your lease agreement. This includes raking leaves, cutting the grass, shoveling snow, and cleaning up debris in common areas like garages or driveways,

This concludes the article on how to be a great tenant. Read through this article and follow these tips. They will make your life as a tenant much better.

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