5 Great Tech Releases of 2022

We can safely say the age of technology is here, meaning people look forward to new releases every year. At the time of writing, we’re around three months away from 2022 and there’s already been plenty of interesting gadgets and gizmos released. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at five great tech releases in 2022.

Movano Ring

Movano has been busy making a name for itself in the wearable tech space, and we’re constantly looking forward to its next release. Expected to release in the coming months, the Movano Ring will be a discrete means of measuring your calories, steps, respiration levels, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and much more. You will be able to track everything from a smartphone app, which will let you set goals for your body.

Apple iPhone 14

Whenever a new iPhone is announced, the “stans” go wild as they flock to spend money on the latest model – even when their phones are perfectly fine. With September well underway, the iPhone 14 has officially hit the stores, and, as you’d imagine, it costs almost $1K (more for the max version). The display and features are pretty much the same as the 13, but the new release does have an improved GPU and car crash detection.

Intel Arc

Intel has been dominating the CPU space for some time now, so we’re thrilled at their return to creating quality GPUs. In March 2022, Intel Arc was released and it’s capable of displaying content in 4K UHD, which is great news for gamers and film fanatics. If you want to explore the full range of modern Intel graphics, head over to lenovo.com.

Panic Playdate

Panic Playdate is a console with a difference. A tiny handheld device that features an intriguing crank system, which makes gameplay fun. The console features a 1-bit display with no backlight. Instead of the LED backlight, it relies on alternating between white and black pixels to generate a color. When it comes to on-screen movement, despite having a directional pad, the crank system integrates with the gameplay and lets you move forwards and backward. Although we won’t be playing mainstream games on this device, it will be more than fun for all the family. 

Magic Leap 2

You will have come across augmented reality (AR) already, just take a look at Pokémon Go’s camera and you’ll see Pokémon running around your lens. Magic Leap 2 is the second attempt AR headset, which overlays digital information over the real world. Their target audience is businesses that will benefit from the technology, and the price will be significantly less than its predecessor. Eventually, if the general public becomes comfortable with wearable headwear, Magic Leap 2 will open its doors for the wider business.

New technology is entering the market every day, and we’re only going to see a quicker release date as we move into 2023. The technology listed above is a great place to start exploring.

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