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How To Install A Printer To Windows PC?

Installing the printer to the windows pc is always the simple and fast for the users. But when you are having a situation like why is my Brother printer offline windows 10. Then you have to check that the printer and pc are connected. Then you have to check whether the printer is plugged into the socket. These initial checkups will make you confirm whether the problems are in the printer or on the pc settings. Some of the old versions of the pc will require the setting option separately and also the software for it. But in the new versions of Windows 7 and above, you will find the automatic connecting option in the menu.

Installing the printer

 The printer installation is easy. You have to simply click on the settings menu on the windows pc. Then you have to select the devices, and then you have to click on the printers and scanners option. Once you click, then a pop-up window indicating add printer or scanner will appear. Here the users will get the nearby printers list which is easy for them to connect by selecting them and then clicking on add device. These are the simple settings, and so this will give a good connection between your printer and pc. But some of the pc will not require these kinds of installation or software the reason is that they have an inbuilt feature. So when you have the inbuilt feature, then you can simply connect and wait for the printer to get installed.

Reason for brother printer going offline

The offline mode of the printer is a clear indication that the printer is not connected. So when you are sure about the physical settings like the plug-in, connection, and the others, then you have to change the settings properly. Do you get confused about why is my brother’s printer offline on windows 10? Then you can simply use the control panel and then look for the printer that is connected. You can find the icon of the printer there in the device and printers option. This option is available in the hardware and sound menu. Once you are entering into it and then find that the printer is not having the default option, then you have to right-click on the thumbnail of the printer. Then select the set as the default printer option.

What to do when the nearby printer list is not containing yours?

In this case, the users should have to click on the option “the printer that I want isn’t listed.” This will give you the chance to enter the URL and the address of the printer that you are using manually. You will have the option “Add a local printer or network printer with the manual option” Here, you will have to click and then select the next option. Now you have to create the new port, and for this, you have to check the create new port option and then select the Standard TCP/IP port option from the drop-down list. Then again, click on the next option and give the IP address or URL. Then again, click on the next option, and this will give detect your device, but it will take some time. You can follow the above steps when you think about why is Brother printer offline.

The device type is the necessary one to be provided for the installation. Therefore, when you have given the URL, then you have to give the device type. This will show the list of the devices for your brother’s printer. You can select either the brother network printer or the brother network printing device. The model of the printer will be added after the detection, and that means that it is easy to use. The name of the printer is easy to give with the help of the option. This will be a label for you. If not, also, you can skip and use the printer sharing option if you want. Then click on the next option then you are ready to test the page using the option for it. After this, it is complete when you click on the Finish button. 

These kinds of manual and automatic settings option is for the windows pc, which has version 7 and above only. So when you have such kind of windows, then you can simply try these steps instead of worrying about why is my brother’s printer offline on windows 10. The process is the simple one and does not needs anyone else helps. Thus your problems of printer remaining offline and the other things will come to an end. There is also a further other process required for activating the printer online. The installation process will take only a few minutes, so it will solve your problem of the printer being offline and installation.

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