The History Of Picrew: How Did Picrew Start?

Did you ever think that avatar creation would be a big deal? Well, it is. As the digital world increasingly becomes part of our daily lives, many different virtual reality-based services are created. If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you have at least once created your online avatar. Most likely as part of some virtual world game or social media platform. Creating your custom digital representation has been around for a long time now. It is unknown to many, but avatars started on Online RPGs. Avatars are now not limited to online games but are also handy for business websites, social media profiles, recreational social media pages, and more.

An online avatar maker such as Picrew is a website that allows users to create their virtual character by customizing hair, eye, skin color; clothing; facial features; and other details. Picrew, a famous avatar maker, has millions of users from across the globe, but how did Picrew start? When did Picrew become famous? Why should you use Picrew? Read further as we discuss this online avatar maker!

Picrew: Free Online Avatar Maker

There are many online avatar makers in the market today. However, Picrew is one of the most famous among them. It is a free avatar maker that allows users to customize their virtual characters using customizable Picrew Makers. It also has a variety of custom backgrounds that you can incorporate with your Picrew avatar. If you are looking for an easy way to create avatars, a great avatar maker like Picrew is all you need!

You can create an avatar for yourself, a gaming profile, or a business. The customization options on Picrew are handy for creating different visual personas. Picrew allows you to create unlimited avatars and boundless designs. You can use these avatars to have a unique online game avatar or even use them to create Youtube Videos. You can also share these Picrew avatars online to make friends. Explore the designs you want to come to life and use Picrew Avatars for anything you need!

What Is An Online Avatar Maker?

An avatar maker, also known as an online avatar creator, allows a user to create an avatar. An avatar is a virtual representation of a person in the virtual world. You can use avatars on social media profiles, dating sites, forums, gaming platforms, and anywhere you need a profile. An avatar maker is used to create and customize a virtual representation of yourself. You can also create an avatar of how you want to appear in real life. An avatar maker is a tool that allows you to create and customize an avatar. You can select from various options, such as hair color, eye color, skin tone, clothing, etc. Online Avatar Makers are handy for kids to play with, teens to customize, and adults to explore and improve their talent.

How Did Picrew Start?

Picrew is a famous online avatar maker that allows users to customize avatars. Two employees from TetraChroma Inc started the application in 2017. It tried to copy layered paper doll-style toys virtually. The site has Avatar Makers shared by Avatar Creators that users can customize to create a Picrew Avatar. The site officially launched in 2018 and is accessible to users of any age from across the globe. It wasn’t popular during its launch year, as it was similar to other online games suitable for kids.

When Did Picrew Became Famous?

Picrew gained popularity in 2020 during the early months of the pandemic. It was due to the prominent video-sharing app TikTok. A Picrew Creator shared her Picrew Avatar on TikTok, which immediately took the attention of TikTok users. Picrew Avatars became a TikTok trend which led to its million users in the present time. Since it is free, it is a very accessible option for many users. It offers high-quality avatars. The wide range of Picrew Maker options offered to users has also contributed to the success of Picrew. It has been used by people of all ages and from various parts of the world. Anyone can create and personalize Picrew Avatars for free using Picrew!

Why Should You Use Picrew?

If you have read the article, you might be wondering if you should use Picrew or not. We would say yes! There are many reasons why you should use Picrew for your avatar creation.

  • Wide Selection Of Avatar Makers: Picrew has thousands of Picrew Makers that users can customize to create their unique avatars. The Picrew Makers have categories that allow users to know where they can use it, such as commercial, persona, non-commercial, and manufacturing.
  • No Force Sign-ups: You don’t need to create an account to customize Picrew Avatars. You can select and customize Picrew Avatar immediately once you visit the site. No need to worry about sharing your personal information as Picrew won’t ask you for such.
  • Unlimited Avatar Creation and Customization: Picrew allows users to create as many Picrew Avatars as they prefer with no fees. There are no minimum or maximum avatars to create for you to access Picrew. Create all the avatars you have in mind without paying fees.
  • Minimal Advertisements: The site has no pop-up ads or redirection that can disturb your customization experience. Minimal advertisements are present on the site, which keeps the platform accessible and free for anyone.
  • Downloadable Picrew Avatars: The Picrew avatars you create on Picrew are downloadable in PNG format. PNG format is a file format that has a small file size. Customize and download Picrew Avatars using Picrew!


An avatar maker is a website that allows users to create virtual characters. These online avatar makers are handy for gamers, social media users, and business owners who want to create a virtual identity using an avatar. You can use it for different purposes and in different scenarios. Now, you know the history behind avatar makers and Picrew. We hope this guide helped you to know Picrew better and why you should use Picrew. Visit Picrew and start your customized avatar now!

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