Laundry Services Dubai: What More Do Clothes Washing Labels Indicate?

Whenever you tear off the tags from your clothes that often cause itching, remember that they are the safety net for your clothes live. Washing labels assist you throughout the process of laundry for all your textiles, guaranteeing that the clothes will last as long as needed mostly in an optimal state. With the help of laundry symbols, you can judge whether you need to wash your clothes at home manually or in a washing machine, or you need professional laundry services Dubai from dry cleaners in Jumeirah.

The Origins of Washing Signs

Prior to the introduction of washing tags, this was important for the users to determine the right plan of action while washing their garments themselves. Interestingly, the notion of adding safety information to garments did not emerge until the 1940s and 1950s.

Basic Maintenance Labeling

There seem to be 5 key fabric maintenance and care signs: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and dry cleaning, all of which have icons that may be paired for something like a comprehensive washing guidance document.

Care symbols for fabrics

Following are some of the important yet easily understandable symbols to display the need for the right treatment for the material.


As the name describes, the sign indicates how and when to clean your commodity. For instance, a sequence of spots describes the water temperature i.e., a single spot/dot for temp up from 65 to 85°F. The sign, whenever coupled with a hand, indicates that now the object must only be hand-washed, while something with a huge X indicates that it can not be washed whatsoever.

Dry cleaning

This sign indicates that the garment shall be properly dry cleaned just like at professional dry cleaners in Jumeirah. Whenever you see one such sign together with the characters A, P, or F, it corresponds to a specific kind of solution that should have been used while dry cleaning


This sign indicates the degree to which you might press your clothes. A huge X extending across the sign, like all the other primary signs, indicates that the clothes shouldn’t be ironed. The best laundry services Dubai includes washing, ironing, and folding services according to the mentioned instructions.


The sign indicates that a bleaching agent can be used on a particular object; a pyramid with tilted stripes indicates that just a chlorine-free bleaching agent can be utilized. A black pyramid with just an X across it indicates that this should not be bleached ever.


The Drying sign is sometimes accompanied by a ring to indicate whichever round you must go for tumbled drying the clothing. The tumbler temp is even further explained by spots within the ring: light, mid, or extreme. These signs, when accompanied by a huge X, indicate that the object must not be placed inside the drying chamber.

Several additional signs are often used in combination with all these key emblems, and they may be seen at Textile Manufacturing companies.


Whenever you handle your clothes washing by yourself rather than utilizing the laundry services Dubai, please be sure to stick to the laundry instructions. Clothes treatment symbols are not only for show, they are there to assist you and the dry cleaners in Jumeirah to track the clothes in great shape for generations to follow.

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