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In this article, on writing views we will guide you on basic rules and tell you how to play bunco. Bunco is a dice game. This game is played between 12 people, who are divided into three tables, each table consists of four players these 12 players are divided into two teams.

 For further if you do not know how to play bunco read below:

  • One game of bunco is played in 2 to 4 sets and each set has 6 rounds.
  • For bunco players are seated on 3 tables and each table is for 4 players. from these tables one table is head second table is 1 and the third table is 2. 
  • Each player rolls 3 dices to earn points.
  • During each attempt, the player tries to get the same number on all dices because if the player gets the same number then as a reward he gets 5 points.
  • If the player gets the same number as in round 5 he gets 5 on dice then one score is awarded to him.
  • If the player score no points the player keeps rolling until he earns any score.
  • The scorekeeper writes the scores on the table telly and adds these points to the team score.
  • If the head table team earns 21 points then the round ends. The ring bell and other tables stop playing.
  • At the end of each round players change their partners.

Basic Requirements or Components for Game Bunco:

For playing bunco you must need some objects for them to check the below items.

3 Tables: for playing bunko you must need 3 tables 1 of them is the head 2nd one is the number one table and the 3rd table is the number 2 table.

Score Sheet: scorekeeper provides one score sheet to players to note their score which helps to make the game clear and clean and that’s why no one has a chance to cheat in-game.

Table tally: each bunco table is a must-have a table tally one it the scorekeeper notes the team score and adds the time to time.

Bell: in bunko the bell is provided to the head table when they earn 21 points they ring the bell and the round ends.

Pencil: one pencil is also provided to each player to note their points for record.

Preparation Before Playing:

If you don’t know how to play bunco then you also need the info about the preparation of the bunco game before playing so the below information is for you.

  • Setting up the name of tables “head, number 1, number 2” that helps to indicate tables between changing.
  • Place 3 dices, 4 pencils, 4 score sheets, and 1 table tally to each table but the ring bell is additional on the head table.
  • Designate a scorekeeper who adds scores on the table tally of both teams.

How to Play Bunco?

How to Play Bunco

You are here because you do not know how to play bunco so let’s dive into the topic. In the first round, each “1” rolled by each player was awarded 1 point. If he gets two “1s” then he earns 2 points but if he earns three “1s” he gets 21 points and if he gets any other number 2,3,4,5,6 three times he is awarded 5 points on 21 points head table ring bell and the round is ended.

In the other five rounds, you can play the same but in each round, the partner always changes.

Video Tutorial:

How to Play Bunco with 12 Players?

For 12 players game is the same, each table has 4 players and after every round the partner change. the head table always rings the bell after the earns 21 points and the round end on each ring.

How to Play Bunco With 6 Players?

the game is the same for 6 players on each table only two players play bunco in this game and each team has 3 players while in common bunco the single team has 6 players.

Can We Play Bunco Individual?

yes, you can play bunco individual just difference is that you do not have a team and the game is between 2 people or one table.

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