Advantages Of Using Colocation Server For Business

For business people who actively use websites, high traffic must be one of the important goals that must be achieved. The reason is, that high traffic equals fresh fish that are ready to be caught. The more visitors to the website, the greater the opportunity for the company to get potential leads and increase sales. However, high traffic does not just come. In addition to trying to create interesting content, develop digital marketing strategies and actively create promotional campaigns, there are other technical things that are no less important to pay attention to, namely maintaining website performance. High traffic requires proper server support so that the quality of the services provided does not decrease.

If you previously used a hosting or VPS service, you can upgrade the service to a colocation server to support high-traffic website performance. For some people, a colocation server may sound foreign and dubious, but there are many advantages that you can get by using a colocation server. To be sure, you can read about what a colocation server is and what are the advantages of using a colocation server for the following businesses.

A colocation server is a data center rental service to place your server. The data center itself is a room equipped with various supporting facilities so that the server can work optimally and be protected from threats. A colocation server only provides a place to put the server, so you need to bring your own hardware or physical devices. Types of server colocation services are divided into two, namely:

Managed Colocation, which is a type of service that provides expert team support to manage your server in the data center. However, don’t worry, the managed colo service still has certain limitations so you still have full authority and control over your server.

Unmanaged Colocation is a service that gives technical responsibility and server management entirely to you. So, the colocation server provider will only provide space in the data center along with all its supporting facilities such as electrical power, bandwidth, cooling, and security system protection. If you need to upgrade the system or install an operating system on the server you have to come directly to the data center and do it yourself.

Although it sounds simple, actually server colocation is a very useful service for your business. By utilizing a colocation server, you can get several benefits such as the following.

Server Performance More Stable and Faster

High traffic requires adequate server support. An unstable connection or a weak power supply can cause server disruptions and result in server downtime or websites that have been open for a long time. If this is the case, the bounce rate will increase and disappointed users may not want to come back again. The advantage of using a colocation server for business is that there is guaranteed unlimited bandwidth, stable electricity supply, and various other requirements needed to support the server system to run properly. So, you don’t have to worry because the service provider will ensure that your server performance remains safe and smooth.

Server Runs 24 Hours

By using a colocation server, your server will remain online for 24 hours even if it is abandoned. Of course, with this advantage, you don’t have to worry if you need a server at unusual times like midnight or at dawn because now you will get server support without any lag.

Productivity Increase

If you choose a managed colocation service, you don’t need to come directly to the data center to upgrade the system. Service providers usually already have a professional IT team ready to help you manage the server, including upgrading the system. So, you don’t have to bother with server problems anymore and can calmly leave it to the service provider. Using a colocation server gives you the advantage of being more productive. The time you originally needed to maintain the server can now be used to improve your business or solve other problems. You can work with peace of mind because your server will be maintained and handled professionally and guaranteed.

No IT Team Required

Not all business people working in the digital marketing world have an IT background. Even though the website is one of the main marketing tools, matters related to technology are often too complex and complicated to learn on a self-taught. Therefore, you need an IT team to make your server function optimally and support the smooth running of the website. Unfortunately, the costs involved in hiring a team of IT experts are not small. Not to mention, you also need to increase their income every year. If your business is not big enough, it is likely that this is a cost that is quite burdensome for the company. Using a colocation server allows you to bypass the need for this IT expert team because the service provider already has a team of IT experts ready to help manage your server.

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