The Connections Between Video Games And Combating Depression

What is the connection between video games and combating depression? Whereas video games have always been associated with tons of negative effects, there are actually some positive sides to playing games. You have to admit that video games like Poker are fantastic and great forms of escapism; whether you want to be free from your boring life, stressful load, and depression. Do you know that there are studies that show the positive effect of playing games? They are considered quite a helpful ‘medicine’ against depression. How can it be so?

Gaming and Depression

Again, what’s the correlation between video games and combating depression? When people are depressed, they have a hard time enjoying the things they used to love. They might love gardening, or jogging, or playing games. But when depression hits, those activities (which they loved very much) become something scary and not pleasant. They stop doing those things and they start closing off themselves.

If you are depressed (or you know someone who is) and yet you still have the excitement to play your favorite game, it may be a good sign. Games are ways to escape reality where players can focus on the game and forget their troubles for a while. If you are excited with games requiring a high level of focus and concentration, you should be able to pass the time. It can also improve your mood and it helps you stay on the positive side.

However, playing games isn’t the cure for depression. Yes, it helps you stay on the positive and good side, but you still need to get professional help and treatment to combat your depression completely. Even when you are suffering from mild depression, you still need to get help from a professional, which may involve therapies, medication, and other types of treatments. Depression isn’t self-treatment. You can’t treat yourself and claim to cure it on your own. You MUST get professional assistance while playing games can help you stay motivated, positive, and entertained.

Virtual Reality and Its Role in Depression

Virtual Reality (or VR) has taken the world by storm. Many gaming developers have developed games VR-based because it is more fun! You have to admit that VR is able to deliver more beneficial effects (with super real experience) than regular games. It’s true that all games are about taking the players to a new world and immersing the players there. But with VR, you are truly being put within a new environment. Thanks to the headset, you are immersed in the game. You become a PART of the game.

And just like other technologies, improvements are constantly being made. New games (as well as new experiences) are being developed, produced, and released every month. VR gives you a fun and exciting experience, like traveling to a far-away land. You can even enjoy unique landscapes and journeys, such as combating the aliens, exploring new planets, and so much more. There is no limit to what games can give you with VR technology being used.

Words of Advice

Although playing games can give you a positive experience in relation to video games and combating depression, you still need to remember that depression MUST be treated. Escaping the reality is okay and allowed for mild depression. Moderate to heavy depression must get the right treatments. Playing games can help, but the main focus is on getting the proper treatment and diagnosis from the experts.

Keep in mind that playing video games isn’t the only solution to depression. It can only offer a slight part of feeling positive, but it’s not the one-and-only solution. Can you play games while getting treated? Yes, but under careful monitoring and observation. And you still have to undergo proper treatment and medication to deal with your condition. If you are depressed, turning to a professional can really help you in many ways.

Final Words

Although playing games isn’t the only solution to depression, it does offer an encouraging thought that depressed people can still play games if it can help them improve their condition. If the psychologists or experts allow you to include gaming in your therapy or treatment, then you should take it up. There is a relation between video games and combating depression although it isn’t the cure.

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