Practical Men’s Watches For Those On The Go

Classy Men’s watches are one of the most sophisticated gifts you can give. It can be an investment of their time spent each day. However, with the many designs available, it may not be easy to pinpoint which one fits best.

Before you purchase a watch, you need to know the person first. It can be certain interests, their mannerisms, or how they spend their time daily.

Fortunately, Seiko watches can bring a new personality to the ever-hardworking man. Remember this: watches serve practical use. Design and aesthetics come in later, depending on the person wearing them. You may not notice the watch’s design if you are always on the go. Why? You are always busy with yourself. So many watches are waiting for you at Seiko PH. Here, we give you the best watches as you go each day.

Prospex SNE373P1

From the Prospex series, the watch features a deployment clasp with a push-button release. While it means you have to wind the watch, it has a quartz movement for seamless ticking. Mechanical watches have the advantage of you personally handling the watch. It also encourages you to maintain your timepiece even when it does not need servicing. The resin band can also get a grip on your skin as you always move.

Seiko 5 Sports SNK809K1

Were you looking for an automatic watch instead? Then this one may be for you. It also means you do not need to wind the watch as the battery powers it. Featuring a black dial, it can work with any color your outfit will have. Even in the digital age, the watch has an analog clock to know how precise you spent your time today. Why? Being sure of your time is better than getting lost in information overload.  

It helps that it has a 7S26C caliber as the watch operates. You get concise movement while it is automatically winding. When you like to move a lot, it has a 30M water resistance. Even a small splash of water or simple handwashing will not damage the timepiece. As long as you can maintain it, the watch can last longer.

Astron SSE093J1

One of our more refined timepieces contains a Titanium casing in a ceramic bezel. Being a solar-powered watch, the duration can last as long as six months. Fortunately, if the solar power runs out, it has a power save lasting two years.

Good news for mechanical watch lovers, too, as the model features a push-button release in a three-fold clasp. With a precise caliber of 8X22, you get smooth ticking movement. Suppose your concern is the color; there is no need to worry. It has a clear glass coating above the white dial. The watch is also suitable for daylight savings time and has a dual-time function.

Wrap up

Getting the right watch is subjective. As all timepieces bring their flare, it still has its functional use. Reading the time is more than just knowing how much you spent. It shows how you handle your time as each day goes by. 

Practical Men's Watches

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