What Is The Best Way To Exchange Money Online?

Traveling or working abroad is always an exciting experience. But a large portion of living in a foreign country is currency exchange. While the truth is you can do this in person, it’s not the only nor the best way to exchange money.

You can simply exchange money online instead of visiting a financial institution or a bank branch. And if you travel often, exchanging money online can free up your schedule as you won’t have to visit a physical foreign exchange outlet. And one of the bonuses is that you can save money if you take your transfers digital.

The web has streamlined our lives in numerous ways, and money exchange is no exception. However, there are still good and bad ways to exchange money online, and we outline only the best in this article. Plus, you’ll get some advice and insight into the benefits of taking your transfers digital.

Consider Currency Exchange Websites

Currency exchange websites are centralized online platforms that can offer competitive rates, being a convenient option for buying foreign currency. You simply need to order your currency through the exchange website, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Learn more about foreign currency delivered to your door.

Note that some currencies may not be available to exchange, and some countries may have convertibility restrictions and monetary policies. Although some online exchange rates can be slightly higher than your bank’s, they are still some of the best ways to exchange money online, especially if you do the proper research beforehand.

Get Cash at Your Bank

One of the best ways to reduce currency exchange fees is to get cash from your local bank or credit union in the U.S. before departing. Depending on where you’re going, most major U.S. banks will have foreign currency available.

You can get currency in cash at your local bank, but it may be more convenient to order it online to be delivered to your home. And depending on your bank, location, and which currency you need, come may be available for same-day exchange. However, more rare and exotic currencies could require several days of advance notice or even longer.

But, if you plan ahead, you’re more likely to get cash at a more favorable exchange rate by contacting your bank before departing. If you order currency through your bank, you can ensure the money you receive is authentic and that you’ve received the best legal rate.

These rates are constantly fluctuating, so the Bank of America uses different factors to determine its exchange rates, such as market conditions and rates charged by other financial institutions. Moreover, depending on where you do your banking and your relationship with them, you may be able to qualify for special rewards on foreign currency exchange if you order your currency online in advance.

Use International Banking Apps

If you frequently travel, consider using one of the international banking apps to handle your money. They make it easier to transfer money between countries and hold accounts with more than one currency.

That means you’ll be able to keep some money in different currencies, helping you avoid the volatility of currency exchange rates, as you’ll always have some money available for your next journey.

Tips for Finding the Best Exchange Rates

Plan Ahead

If you need to exchange your currency by a certain date, make sure you plan, as instant transfers can cost significantly more than those that take a couple of days. Planning will also help you get the best rate and prevent unnecessary charges.

Use a Market Order

Consider using a market order to get the rate you want. These allow you to determine the best value currency exchange rate you’d like to use for your transaction. Also, they will complete automatically once your target rate is reached.

Doing this will save you from constantly keeping an eye on the markets and give you peace of mind that you won’t miss your perfect rate.

Benefits of Exchanging Money Online

There are many benefits associated with exchanging money online, including:

You Save Money

In-person exchange providers are famous for adding a significantly higher markup. To avoid unnecessarily losing money, use an online currency exchange service with competitive exchange rates or order your currency online from your local bank. You’d be surprised by how much you can save this way.

You Save Time

One of the best things about exchanging money online is that it saves a lot of time. You bypass waiting in line at a bank or other financial institution. And if you’re busy, time is quite precious.

That’s especially true if you must travel quickly or have an emergency. Exchanging money online is the fastest and easiest way to get money in a different currency. You only need an electronic device and an internet connection.


Exchanging currency online is pretty convenient since you only need an internet connection. And you can compare various money exchange services to find the best one from the comfort of your home.

Exchanging money online will come easy if you’re already used to online banking. For example, you can check live mid-market rates and choose to exchange currency then or when rates get better. The process of signing in and getting your quote is quick. And there are no paperwork or paper receipts issued once the transaction is complete.


Exchanging money in person can be unsafe as there’s always the possibility of the money getting stolen. That’s especially true if you carry a lot of cash. ATMs can also be risky as hackers can steal your valuable information. Moreover, you may be uncomfortable walking around with a lot of cash.

However, exchanging currency online is much safer as these agencies are certified by international bodies. That said, it’s very rare to encounter dishonest companies with questionable money sources. On top of that, you get a confirmation email or text any time you transact, giving you virtual records you can refer to.


Online foreign exchange providers operate around the clock, and customer support is always available via chat or phone. That means whenever you have issues with your transaction that need to be resolved by a human, you can get help almost instantly. This isn’t the case with physical currency exchange providers, as you can only make transactions at set times and talk to customer support during working hours.

What’s more, when you exchange currency online, you can use a payment method that works for you, and these websites often offer reasonable minimum and maximum limits. On top of that, there are various currencies to choose from. And depending on the app or website, you may be able to exchange money and send it to your bank account instead of receiving cash.

Exchange Currency Online Easily and Securely

After reading this article, you know how to exchange money online the best way. Currency exchange websites are a great way to order your currency of choice beforehand and have it delivered to your doorstep. Ordering foreign currency in your local bank is also an excellent idea as their services are legal and reliable. International banking apps can also be a good choice, especially if you want to hold accounts with multiple currencies.

Just make sure to plan ahead as instant transfers can cost you significantly more than those that take a couple of days. doing this can also help ensure you get the best possible rate. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of market orders as these allow you to determine the best value currency exchange rate and will complete automatically once your target rate is reached.

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