Can You Store Delta 8 Vape Cartridges In A Plastic Bag?

Buying Delta 8 vape Cartridges is best when you buy in large quantities. The bulk orders save lots of money and help stock up on your supplies. But with bulk buying like such, there is always the issue of storing the cartridges correctly.

Thankfully, cartridges are much easier to store than cannabis flowers. Since they come packaged ideally, you can maintain the right temperature, humidity, and light in the storage. Read on to this article to know all the dos and don’ts of storing your Delta 8 vape cartridges.

Delta 8 vape cartridges have Delta 8 THC infused vape juice. Delta 8 THC is referred to as the better sibling of THC due to its milder properties. It is psychoactive- but not overwhelming like Delta 9 is. Even though it is mild, it has all the medicinal properties Delta 9 THC has. It can help lessen pain, anxiety, nausea, etc. Hence, it is a safer yet effective compound that users can consume. Additionally, Delta 8 products come from industrial hemp plants, making them legal in more regions than Delta 9.

Is Plastic Ideal for Storing Vape Cartridges?

Yes, plastic bags or other containers are perfect for storing your vape cartridges. Vaping is arguably the best way to consume cannabis due to its fast absorption. Hence, users love vape pens with Delta 8 cartridges to get the desired effects. These cartridges come in various sizes and flavors and can last on your shelf for a long time.

Vape cartridges are perfectly sealed and have vape juice, increasing their shelf life considerably. They also do not need much humidity control and can stay in colder temperatures. Unlike cannabis flowers, they need less care and protection in the storage. If you have many vape cartridges to store, you can line them up in a plastic bag. Then you can seal and label the plastic bag for ease of access. Then, you can store them wherever you deem fit in your house. One tip is to ensure that the cartridges remain upright. Since you will be using plastic, you must take extra care to keep them in the correct position. It will ensure that the cartridges work well once you take them out of storage.

What Is The Perfect Method to Store Your Delta 8 Cartridges?

Storing your Delta 8 carts is no difficult task if you have the basics down. You must remember three main factors to keep the cartridges- temperature, exposure to light, and position. Once you know how these three factors should be, storing becomes a piece of cake. We have compiled the essentials of storage for your Delta 8 carts below. However, it would be best to keep looking at the manufacturer’s care instructions. It will help you find the perfect figures for each storage feature accurately. So let’s look at how you should store your Delta 8 carts while not in use.

Keep Them Away from Direct Sunlight

Your storage area must not be in the exposure to direct sunlight to keep your carts safe. Direct sunlight exposure often leads to oxidation, turning the vape juice dark. Although the darker vape juice isn’t harmful, it isn’t ideal to use. It may rid the vape juice of its potency and dampen the proven health benefits.

Avoid keeping the cartridges on open shelves without packaging and keep them inside for safety. So it is ultimate to store them in a dark area, preferably in an enclosed space. A drawer, a box, or the refrigerator are some ideal locations.

Keep Them Away from Hot Areas

Cannabis and excessive heat do not go well together; it is a fact many people know already. Keeping your carts even in a warm place can lead to many problems later. The heat can sometimes cause the cartridges to leak all over the place.

It can also reduce the intensity of your Delta 8 THC, defeating its purpose. Hence, it is best to store your carts in a cool and dry place. Keep them away from areas prone to heating like a garage, kitchen, etc.

Keep The Carts Upright

Once out of the packaging, many users lay the carts down horizontally while storing them. The carts’ posture might not seem like an essential feature, but it makes a huge difference. Its ideal position for storage is always vertical, as you can see in the box with the cartridge.

Hence, it is best to keep the packaging when storing extra carts. It will help you keep them upright and seal them off from dirt or light that may harm it. Horizontal storage may lead to vaping problems after some time. So users must pay attention to their posture while storing the carts in a plastic bag.

Use A Refrigerator If Needed

You must have seen users recommending not to store cannabis buds in the fridge for many reasons. While buds are more sensitive to lower temperatures, vape liquids are not. They have a different composition, making them fit for storage even in lower temperatures. You can store them in the refrigerator while you do not use them. However, you can not place them in the freezer as the liquid might become difficult to vape. If you live in a cold region, storing them in a dry place is ideal.

Keep Track of the Expiration Date

Manufacturers mention the expiry date of any vape cartridge on its box or the official website. No matter how durable the vape juice is, it does not last forever. Hence, you must keep track of the expiry date. If you remove the packaging, ensure that you note the expiry date somewhere to remember it. Usually, vape cartridges last about a year from the manufacture date, so you’re good to go if you use them within that time frame.

Lastly, avid cannabis users understand the merits of purchasing more than they need. Bulk buying might seem extravagant, but it saves users precious time and money. And with such bulk buying comes the responsibility to store the unused products safely. The same goes for your Delta 8 cartridges lying in wait. But worry not, since some reading on the topic can prepare you for the perfect storage conditions. You can ensure that your carts remain as good as new even months later, with some care and attention.

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