Miracles Of Motivation In Student’s Life

There are two types of motivation-first one is extrinsic motivation and other one is intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the person which can be inspired by external forces like money, prizes, awards etc. whereas intrinsic motivation comes from inside of the person. When you become very happy and joyful due to anything which makes you more and more happy and makes you to do it again and again that is called intrinsic motivation for example makes every child so happy hence whenever the child is away from mother it inspires and motivates the child to go the mother as soon as he can & this happens due to intrinsic motivation. Motivation is very important for human life because if one doesn’t have motivation, he or she cannot initiate a task. This is so because being motivated makes someone to start and initiate a task and finish it till, he or she achieves the goal.

Motivation avails that direction to the mind which makes someone focus on his work and get it done by the decided timeline. Whenever an individual is going through an emotional breakdown especially students when they think they cannot score good marks then motivation is that rocket fuel which boosts up the morale and makes such people think they can surely achieve their goal and in reality, makes them achieve their goal. For example, when students were going through some issue while online learning then someone got motivated to help them and invented School information management system and School ERP. It is so because these two help students for their online study and managing them that they can even learn and qualify any degree staying at home.

Among many reasons of students losing their interest in study is repetitive course material and same way of delivery of knowledge and information. When students and learners get bored of such system, they lose their interest and motivation to learn. Students and learners always enjoy enthusiasm in learning if they get creative content and a funny way of delivering the information. These days online learning is in rage and students are enjoying it a lot at every level as being a digital platform the course material is being delivered in an amazing way like slideshows, digital presentation and blended learning. Such innovative ideas are bringing the motivation among students for learning.

Kids follow what they see and they learn very fast from what they see. Hence teachers need to be an example of those good things which they want their students to do. Hence, for reading also they need to demonstrate to their students an example in which they should know about the books you often read and the benefits which you receive from reading such good books. When students read anything then don’t ask questions continuously, instead give them time to read the contents because kid’s capacity to read is less than adults. After their reading gets completed, bring all students to a discussion about their favourite characters and incidents from the story or book they read. Make them participate interestingly and appreciate their efforts regarding reading. Make them arrive at the conclusions and ask them any other conclusion if they can make it from their creativity.

Today it is very necessary to make courses and learning as easy for the students as possible and it is very necessary to keep students motivated and inspired to study. That is why LMS (learning management system) is designed and created to support the learning system of the students and learners because it makes studying easy, formulated and in a précised manner so that learners can get what they need. In the same way if the tutor wants to get an idea about how much the learner has understood then tests conducted for that too should not be long enough, they should be short and précised. 

School information management system suggests that a student can get inspired by various factors and therefore School ERP looks forwards to avail such components of motivation to the students. Company matters a lot in the matter of motivation. Either a student or any adult must have such people in the company who always talk and think positively and optimistically because this behavior creates a motivated aura around such a community and every person can be found very enthusiastic to perform best in such company. On the other hand, if one feels down sometimes then just by meeting such people that person gets motivated again. That is why motivating people is very necessary for the students.

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