How does a Vampire Facial work?

You might have read or heard somewhere of the most recent craze in cosmetics and skincare, known as the vampire facial treatment, which was popularized by celebrities who appear on TV and social media. The actual treatment is a lot less terrifying than it seems, and fortunately, it is not just accessible to famous people.

This article will guide you on everything you need to know about the concept of Vampire facial treatment, how it works, and who is qualified to undergo this treatment.

What is a vampire facial?

The platelet-rich plasma is commonly known as PRP therapy. It is frequently referred to as “vampire facial treatment,” This treatment employs a concentrated form of your very own blood to contribute to revitalizing your skin appearance. When used on some part of your face, the PRP will stimulate the creation of collagen as well as elastin fibres, firming and tightening weak skin tissues and then effectively reducing the appearance of every wrinkle. It may also be utilized as a therapy to improve general skin tone and texture since it can help improve your collagen. Patients with acne scars or discolouration may benefit from this treatment.  

How do Vampire Facial Treatments work?

A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment frequently referred to as the “vampire facial” employs a concentrated form of your very own plasma to revitalize your skin complexion. It is a part of white blood cells and a growth factor-rich element in the plasma. PRP has already been utilized to aid in repairing ligaments, tissues, bones, nerves, and skin that were damaged.

The skin was usually flexible and smooth when you were young. Once it is wounded, it usually recovers fast. These filaments that sustain and offer flexibility for the skin might start to weaken once you get older. Your skin may start losing hyaluronan or commonly known as hyaluronic acid, the fluids that cause it to maintain moisture and act as a lubricant at the same time. 

Flabby skin, folds, and scars may result from the said events. The skin’s overall texture will become thinner, and there could be more blood vessels noticeable beneath the skin’s surface. The skin could become extra sensitive, so scars will require a longer time to regenerate.

Some individuals attempt to reverse these symptoms of growing older when they become apparent. But, Numerous anti-aging treatments have a hard time getting down enough through the skin to work. PRP or Vampire facials are induced underneath the surface of your skin to promote the creation of collagen proteins and elastin fibres, strengthening and thickening weak skin and also lowering facial wrinkles and skin folds.

What should you expect before, during, and after the treatment?

The majority of vampire facial procedures last around 45 minutes. People undergoing the treatment should cease using any drugs that affect the functioning of Platelets, or thrombocytes, such as certain herbal or OTC pain relievers, prior to starting the procedure. Keep in mind that before quitting any prescription and medications, you must speak with your doctor first and foremost.

After the treatment, be careful managing your skin. It might be somewhat injured, sore, or even red. Itchiness or tension may also be felt in the area where the needles are inserted. These are only transitory adverse effects. Using an Organic moisturizer may improve the skin’s moisture barrier replenishment, necessary for its recovery.

Since your skin cells take time to grow, the outcomes may not be seen immediately. After several weeks or even months, the treatment outcome might be seen. Such benefits may continue for around 18 months. Recurrent sessions are advised for persons who want to sustain the effects.

Are you qualified to undergo Vampire Facials?

The treatment is perfect for people who have concerns about their facial wrinkles, noticeable aging lines, skin damage, and hyperpigmentation. But you shouldn’t get PRP procedures if you have a background of blood issues and diseases, such as problems with clotting, thrombosis, or hemorrhaging.

If you fit the following criteria, you could be a suitable candidate for undergoing a vampire facial:

  • affected by acne scars
  • suffering from hyperpigmentation
  • Have irritating facial lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tone issues
  • Looking for an alternative for a facelift
  • Dry skin


Facial treatments have been a common practice for many years. Facials are genuinely beneficial for the skin for both beauty and health-related concerns. It can make you look revitalized and cheerful and even treat other skin-related issues. 

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