Everything To Know About Gastrectomy!

Individuals with excessive stomach fat can opt for gastrectomy. It can help them reduce weight and enhance their physical appearance. People opting to undergo the surgical procedure must visit a general surgeon in Lahore to understand the risks of gastrectomy.

The purpose of the surgery is to staple the stomach, which induces a sense of fulness leading to weight loss. Individuals with higher body weight can opt for the procedure to deal with obesity. The surgery may be minimally invasive, depending on the overall health of the person. The procedure may take up to ninety minutes. However, it can take weeks to heal and observe results.

Preparation for Gastrectomy

During the Procedure

Firstly, the patient will get general anesthesia. Then, the surgeon makes an incision, and the stomach has to be perforated for the band. The band helps to divide the stomach into two parts. The upper part of the stomach can retain thirty ml of fluid which gradually passes through to the lower stomach. It helps the person to have a feeling of fulfillment. The person consumes less food, which aids in weight loss.


The after-care of gastrectomy includes:

Risks Correlating to Gastrectomy

The complications of gastrectomy include:

Individuals opting for gastrectomy must consult the best general surgeon in Rawalpindi to understand the procedure and related complications.

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