What To Lookout For When Applying Online Cash Loans

Don’t have enough time to get money? Online cash loans can be the solution. But, while money is needed, you have to be careful. 

There are plenty of ways that you can avoid getting scammed. Even in places where you get loans, you must be vigilant. In the case of online cash loans, be sure you do your research. Why? It can save you money and time before you can apply for one. Do not let your emotions take over you when using cash. When it comes to the deadline, you may not be able to pay back. Here is what to look out for regarding cash loans.  

Amounts to be given

An online cash loan has a limited amount that you can borrow. For example, one place can let you borrow PHP500.00 up to PHP20,000.00. It can reach as high as twenty-five thousand but not even higher. Why? These loans are not designed to be like a personal loan. You can borrow higher amounts only when you are planning to invest. Ensure that you can borrow what you can pay once the loan is done.

Interest rate

The rates can vary between banks or credit unions. One interest rate can be around 7% to 11% since your borrowed amount is low. The catch for online cash loans is that they can be expensive to pay back despite their affordability. So it becomes a test of your financial stability and how you handle money. 

It is a bad sign when the interest rate offered by the bank is higher than the APR. Avoid it even when the APR looks good when you see the interest rate is too high. The rates can be why you cannot pay the loan on time. 

Payment terms

There are no instant cash loans with a long payment period. Loans such as this have the shortest periods, around 3 to 6 months. The longest period that one could accept is 8 months at most. It also does not reach 1 year for a loan to be processed. Essentially, online cash loans are a short-term loan. You have to consider how you can pay back with your current time. 

Additional fees

Alongside the loan’s interest rates, there is a chance you may pay extra fees. These fees are for processing fees which give your loan more validity. The fees will be deducted from your loan. If a bank does not need to have these fees, you can get the loan as is. 

Cash disbursements

If the loan’s cash is not disbursed as promised, you need to follow up. Loans are supposed to give you the cash as quickly as possible so you can pay back the loan. When no response is given, find another bank or credit union.


Online cash loans can make the process fast. However, you must be aware of the service you avail. You have the right to get the cash you need. Be sure to follow the steps and read the fine print whenever you apply for a loan. 

Online Cash Loans

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Deinah Storm works in the corporate industry. She has quite a bit of knowledge about finance, loans, and investments as she worked for a finance and investment company before. Today, she finds solace in writing and educating others about wise financial planning, investments, and cash loans.

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