How To Choose A Good VPS According To Your Needs

Along with the development of the website, the need for hosting is increasing from initially using shared hosting and then planning to switch to Virtual Private Server or VPS services. VPS basically has far superior performance when compared to shared hosting services. But choosing a good vps murah according to your needs is not easy, you need to do some research about the needs of your website.

There are so many VPS offered by Indonesian hosting providers today, this can make you even more confused in making a choice. To guard against buying mistakes, don’t be tempted by cheap price offers, first check the specifications that you will get. Don’t make the mistake of buying a VPS so that your website can’t run as expected.

To avoid all that, it seems that you need to know how to choose a good VPS according to your needs because the price cannot be a benchmark for choosing a VPS, what can be a benchmark is the needs of your website. So here’s the discussion:

1. Determine the purpose of using the VPS

The first step in choosing a good VPS is to determine the purpose of using the VPS. VPS is not only a website data storage medium, there are various other functions that you can get from a VPS including high specifications, extensive storage capacity, security, and more stable speed.

2. Adjust to the needs of visitors

If you previously used shared hosting and plan to move to a VPS service, then you can estimate the VPS specifications that can accommodate all website visitors. So you can choose a higher specification, especially for RAM and Processor.

3. Operating system used

There are 2 types of operating systems used for VPS users, namely Linux VPS and Windows VPS. The operating system is vital because later it will have an effect in the future, especially for settings and application compatibility issues. Currently, most VPS servers use the Linux operating system, for Windows VPS there are still not many users because in terms of licensing costs there are many differences with Linux VPS. For those of you who are not familiar with Linux, I prefer to take a Windows VPS, even though the price is more expensive but the advantages are that you will find it easier to set up a VPS.

4. Bandwidth capacity

Most VPS services will provide bandwidth limitations for each VPS service. For unlimited bandwidth VPS packages, they will usually be sold at a higher price. Just note that bandwidth is the maximum data volume capacity that can be transferred, so if the VPS bandwidth is up, the speed will usually decrease or be suspended from the VPS provider. So you need to estimate the amount of incoming traffic and the content on the website whether it requires large bandwidth or not.

5. RAM Capacity

VPS has advantages in high capacity and specifications. So you as a VPS user can add many websites and blogs to your VPS, but keep in mind that the more websites that are on the server, the heavier the RAM performance will be. The RAM on each VPS has a capacity limit, so you need to pay attention to the RAM capacity that will be used, the larger the RAM capacity, the more expensive the VPS price.

6. CPU Capacity

Almost similar to RAM, the CPU also has an influence in processing all requests from users that are displayed on the website. For how to choose a good VPS, choose a processor that has more cores and a high processor speed (GHz). The better the processor used, the faster the VPS performance in processing all requests from clients.

7. Storage Capacity

Capacity is also one of the important things in choosing a VPS server. Make sure the storage capacity is sufficient for the next few months or even years to store website content. Just as an addition, now choose a VPS server, many of which use SSD, because in terms of SSD performance, it will be much faster than using an ordinary conventional hard drive.

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