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How To Send Bulk Messages On WhatsApp?

If you are a reader of this article, you must be aware of the potential of WhatsApp messenger as a tool for easy, fast, and cheap advertising, and you are looking for more familiarity with different methods of advertising on this platform. In this article, join us to scrutiny how to do the most effective advertising method in WhatsApp messengers, and get familiar with WhatsApp restrictions and solutions to cross them.

If you are looking for advertising for your business on WhatsApp, you know that sending messages to people’s private chats is the way to get the best feedback. When you send your advertising message to a private chat, unlike a message sent to a group, the recipients of the message must open and read it. But can we send a message to any number of WhatsApp users and simply introduce our business to a large group of people without any restrictions?

WhatsApp Advertising Restrictions

WhatsApp considered restrictions to monopolize the possibility of advertising on this platform. In WhatsApp advertising, there is an important point about the number of daily posts that you should pay attention to:

In this regard, WhatsApp divides your audiences into two categories: acquaintances and strangers.

If you want to send a message to acquaintances (meaning users who have already sent you at least one message and they have saved your number on their phone), there will be no restrictions on you and you can send as many as messages you want. But WhatsApp does not allow you to send private messages to more than 100 strangers (meaning people who do not have your number saved and have not chatted with you so far) per day with each line. This is a very low number for effective WhatsApp advertising.

Another problem is that WhatsApp allows the recipients of the message to report you if they are not satisfied with receiving that message or account, in other words, they report to WhatsApp that your message or account has disturbed them. As the number of reports increases, WhatsApp becomes more sensitive to your account, monitors your activity strictly, and in some cases restricts or blocks your account.

Even if we cross these restrictions, we will still face the challenge of providing a number bank. For advertising on WhatsApp, we need many numbers to make our advertising more efficient. To whom should we send our advertising messages? Where can we find the numbers of these people? Who should we target for our ads?

Crossing Advertising Restrictions on WhatsApp

If you want to send more than 100 advertising messages a day, you have to use several lines. For example, if you use 10 lines (WhatsApp account) to send messages to private chats, you will be able to send up to 1000 advertising messages per day, but as you guessed, managing and monitoring each one of these lines and sending messages to strangers manually is difficult and time-consuming and impossible. The solution is to use advertising tools on WhatsApp. In addition to using several lines and switching automatically between lines, these tools such as WhatsApp Sender can also send bulk messages to a list of target audiences totally automatically without your intervention. With these tools, you no longer have to spend your time and energy on sending bulk messages manually and monitoring lines.

These tools have another important feature that makes the way for advertising in WhatsApp messengers easy and cross the rest of the difficulties. These tools can extract the phone numbers of all members of a WhatsApp group and deliver them to you in an Excel file. Now, if you extract the phone numbers of people who are members of your competitor’s groups or related to your field of business, you will have a phone number of people who are active in your field of business, are interested in your field of activity and are considered as probable customers of your business. These people will most likely not report your advertising message if they receive it and will also be happy to see it.

As you have read, the only way to run advertising through WhatsApp messengers is to use tools such as bots or software that include all of the above features.

For example, one of the most popular of these tools is the WhatsApp Virtual Messaging Robot, which is sold in international markets and satisfied by customers. For more information about this tool, visit the “Virtual User” site.

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