Puzzled About Sending Cookies Overseas? Here’s How To Do It Right

If you like baking cookies, then you probably love sharing them with family and friends, too. And that’s wonderful! But it might get trickier to share cookies if you wish to give them to someone who’s living abroad.

And even then you can easily do that with the right tips. So don’t sweat it if sending cookies overseas sounds daunting to you. You can find all you need to know below.

Let’s jump in.

Carefully choose what type of cookies to send

There’s a great variety of cookies. From crunchy to soft, from with filling to no-filling. They all are tasty. But not all of them are fit for mailing abroad. Just imagine that you’re shipping to Ukraine from the USA. There’s little chance that a fragile cookie will cover such a distance in one piece.

Hard and crunchy cookies are the best for shipping overseas. Chewy and bar cookies are also durable. But you should stay away from sending cookies that require special conditions like refrigeration. It’s too difficult to ensure them during transit so the cookies might reach the recipient already spoiled.

Plan baking and shipping in advance

The time of baking is no less important than selecting the right type of cookies to mail. The sooner you’ll ship your baked goods, the fresher they’ll stay. So it’s recommended to send them on the same day or a day after baking.

Just keep in mind that letting cookies cool down completely is also an essential step. Don’t hurry to wrap and ship them right after you’ve taken them out of the oven.

If you wish to send cookies for holidays, you should also take into account the overall delivery time and plan in advance. A shipping rates calculator can help you with this task. It’ll show you the delivery time and how much sending your package will cost. So it’s very informative.

Secure your cookies by wrapping them properly

Cookies can survive even the longest journey if you prepare them right. For this step, you’ll need a tin or a similar container, some bubble wrap and aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or plastic bags – whichever of the latter three you have at hand.

Take the tin and cover its bottom with bubble wrap. It’ll absorb shock damage so that cookies don’t break during shipment. Wrap your cookies in pairs with aluminum foil or plastic for better preservation. Be careful not to place cookies of different kinds in one batch as the flavors might mix.

Put wrapped cookies in the tin starting with the heaviest ones. Try to fill the container neither too tight, nor too loose to avoid cookies crumbling. Once you’re done, cover the top with another layer of bubble wrap and close the tin securely.

Pack prepared cookies in a shipping box

You probably could try sending cookies overseas in a tin you’ve just prepared by putting it in a padded envelope. But that’s not recommended. A shipping box is a much safer option for international delivery.

Choose a cardboard box that fits your cookie tin. It should be only slightly larger to have space for cushioning materials. Too much void leads to a higher risk of your cookies breaking.

Prepare the shipping box similar to the cookie tin. I.e. cover the bottom with bubble wrap or newspaper for shock absorption. Load the tin, fill in any remaining space with padding and cover the top with an extra layer of bubble wrap or similar material.

Finally, close the lid tightly, attach the required labels and your cookies will be ready for their international journey.

As you can see, sending cookies overseas is simpler than it might look at first sight. All you need is some planning, patience, and diligence when packing and you’ll master shipping cookies in no time!

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