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Top 3 Doodle Dog Breeds In 2022

If you’ve been considering a Doodle dog but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve listed the top 3 doodle dog breeds topping the charts in 2022 below! Get to know each hybrid breed and what unique aspect distinguishes them from the rest. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect doodle dog to bring home to your family!

#1 Goldendoodle

(Golden Retriever + Poodle)

Expectations: Goldendoodles are ever-increasing in popularity. This breed combines two of the most sought-after breeds used for service work. The Goldendoodle is very trainable, intelligent, and eager to please, making them a great partner to any dog owner. Many people choose a Goldendoodle for its low destructive tendencies and moderate energy levels. Goldendoodles have no problem keeping up on a hike or going on family adventures to the lake. These dogs build very close bonds with their family but are overall very friendly and inviting to anyone making them great for homes that receive visitors often. Goldendoodles are a great well-rounded choice for almost anyone interested in a doodle dog, so long as you can keep up with their energy requirements. Another bonus of this breed is they’re relatively common; searching “Goldendoodle puppies for sale” will yield quite a few results compared to more rare doodle breeds, giving you lots of options and availability to find a breeder that’s right for you.


Standard: 22” to 24”

Medium: 16” to 20”

Mini: 13” to 15”


Standard: 50 to 100+ lbs

Medium: 35 to 50 lbs

Mini: 15 to 30 lbs


10-15 years


Golden, apricot, cream, copper, red, black, gray, white, and merle.

Attention Requirements: Moderate

Tendency to Bark: Low

Tendency to Dig: Low

Energy Level: Moderate to High

Exercise Requirements: 2+ hours of moderate physical activity per day.

Unique Characteristics: Goldendoodles are most notably known for their soft mouths and retrieval abilities. This makes them naturally great at fetch and less likely to cause harm by biting too hard during play. Their workability and willingness to perform for their handler make them well-rounded dogs that are easy to train, even for first-time dog owners.

#2 Whoodle

(Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier + Poodle)

Expectations: Whoodles are a very enthusiastic breed! They carry the intelligent nature of the Poodle as well as the soft and affectionate side of the SCWT. Whoodles tend to be a more “rare” breed of doodle, so when you begin looking for Whoodle puppies for sale, always check that you’re getting your new dog from a reputable source. Luckily, due to the less saturated gene pool, Whoodles are often mentally and physically healthy when given proper care. The silky soft coat and smaller size tend to be more appropriate for apartment or city living. However, these dogs still require a fair bit of exercise and stimulation. Unlike some other doodle breeds, the Whoodle is quite independent and tends to do well on his own during the day, and rarely suffers from separation anxiety. However, while your whoodle may not mind being alone, his inquisitive nature may lead him into some troubling situations when you’re not around. Whoodles can be more stubborn due to their independent nature, but they make up for it with their strong bond with their owners. With time and training, you can have the best of both worlds, ending in a well-rounded whoodle that you don’t have to worry about while away.


Medium: 14” to 16”

Mini: 10” to 12”


Medium: 25 to 30 lbs

Mini: 15 to 25 lbs


12-15 years


Wheaten, cream, and combinations of black/cream, red/cream, cream/merle, solid colors, merle, and tri-color coats.

Attention Requirements: Low

Tendency to Bark: Medium

Tendency to Dig: Medium

Energy Level: Moderate

Exercise Requirements: Daily walk of one mile per day minimum.

Unique Characteristics:

One of the unique aspects of a Whoodle compared to most other doodles is they are what you would call a “double doodle.” This means that both parenting breeds are non-shedding. Typical doodles rely solely on the poodle parents’ genetics for their non-shedding coat abilities, which can lead to some puppies inheriting a coat that does shed. With the whoodle, their coats are nearly foolproof and come out silky soft every time, making them one of the most highly rated “hypoallergenic” doodle breeds.

#3 Maltipoo

(Maltese + Poodle)

Expectations: The Maltipoo is one of the calmest small breeds of doodle; these dogs are known for their petite size range and puppy-like features even through to adulthood. Maltipoos are intelligent little puppies that can learn an abundance of obedience and trick commands. While they experience bouts of hyperactivity, they still have relatively low exercise requirements and do best as indoor pets. Maltipoos are very affectionate and loving lap dogs that enjoy a decent social life. Looking for Maltipoo puppies for sale can be tricky since there is a possibility for Maltipoos to be predisposed to certain health diseases. You will want to find a breeder who does proper genetic testing and pairs the parenting dogs accordingly. Suppose you’re looking for a miniature doodle to join your family. In that case, it’s worth mentioning that while Maltipoo’s are great for apartments and small living quarters due to their size, they’re not meant to be left alone for long periods without interaction. So make sure you have adequate time to spend with your new pup before bringing one home.


Mini: 11” to 14”

Toy: 8” to 10”

Teacup: 6” to 8”


Mini: 16 to 18 lbs

Toy: 9 to 12 lbs

Teacup: 4 to 6 lbs


12-16 years


​White, cream, apricot, phantom, black, gray, brown, red, and multiple color patterns such as merle, parti, and tri-colored coats.

Attention Requirements: High

Tendency to Bark: Medium

Tendency to Dig: Low

Energy Level: Low

Exercise Requirements: 20-30 minutes of indoor/outdoor play 2x per day.

Unique Characteristics: The small size of a Maltipoo and teddy bear appearance is a huge selling factor for these dogs, but that’s not at the cost of their personality. Maltipoos are a very gentle breed and do well with elderly folks who can’t handle the strain of owning a large breed dog with high exercise needs. They’re equally great for families with small children because they can’t easily overpower anyone; even a small toddler could walk one of these fluff balls without issue.

It’s no wonder that these are some of the top-ranking doodles this year. Almost every prospective pet buyer has specific criteria to meet when picking a dog that’s right for them. Whether that’s a dog that will be great with a grandma, have the energy to keep up on your adventures, or a coat that won’t trigger your aunt’s allergies during Christmas break, there’s almost certainly a doodle for you.

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