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Building an ideal home for themselves still remains a dream for many. However, simply building a house is not always enough as you also need to assure your home looks the way you always wanted. But how do you create the ideal home design? This is where experts in interior designing and architecture Seattle come into action.

These are well-trained professionals who have studied and even mastered the art of building and designing ideal homes for their clients. Both architecture and interior designers undergo extensive training and education to equip themselves with the skills and competence needed to build the ideal house for you.

Therefore, whenever one builds a house, it is non-negotiable to consult interior designers and architects to bring the best out of your home. However, you must keep in mind that both architects and interior designers result from two different professions. Additionally, they both have a different educational qualification that permits them to do their job. So continue reading to learn more about them.   

Interior Design And Architecture Come Together

Looking at the history of architecture, the relationship between architects and interior designers has never been the same as it is today. In earlier times, architects were the ones who were responsible for both designing the exterior and interiors of houses. The evolution of architecture Seattle and interior design has made a clear distinction between the two in recent years. So, here are a few of the key differences between architecture and interior designing:

  1. What They Are Trained In: Architects are trained in creating the structure of a building in adherence to national, state, and local building codes. It includes everything from the foundation to the thickness of walls and roofing. On the other hand, an interior designer is trained to create quality and functional interiors for buildings. This may cover anything that makes the quality of living better for a given building.
  1. What They Design: Architects are responsible for designing the exteriors of a building, whereas an interior designer’s job is to design the interior. Architects mainly focus on the structural aspects of the building. At the same time, interior designers are concerned with factors such as fixtures, furniture, and other accessories to create a desirable look and functionality to create a space as required by its occupants.
  1. Their Area Of Focus: Architects mainly focus on external design elements like the technical requirements for the structure, such as material, climate, ventilation, lighting, etc. On the other hand, interior designers pay attention to the emotional aspects of a space that affect human psychology.

Residential Architects

Architects that mainly focus on designing overlooking the building of residential spaces are called residential architects. Residential architecture Seattle is simply the process of building non- commercial, living and residential properties. This architecture includes buildings like townhomes, apartments complexes, and mansions.

Now You Know!

Residential architects must be collaborative and accepting and should be able to think outside the box to meet the client’s demands. This will help them create an ideal living space that is safe, stylish, and functional. It should also meet local building codes while catering to the client’s specifications, requirements, and aesthetic demands.

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