2022 Average Home Window Cost In Oakville, Ontario

Are you planning to install new windows? Well, the average cost can vary from $200 to $2000 per window. The difference is so great because the price is affected by many factors:

  • Size and type of the windows
  • Quantity 
  • Installation cost
  • Material
  • Custom size or shape (if needed)

The following numbers are meant just to give you a rough idea about the price. For an accurate estimate, you need to contact Oakville doors and windows professional.

How Much Does a Window Replacement Cost in Oakville?

  • Single Hung Windows – are classical windows that open up vertically from the bottom. The upper sash is fixed. The average cost per window varies from $230 to $460.
  • Double Hung Windows – are identical to single-hung ones, the advantage of the double-hung is that you can move both the lower and upper sashes. That means better airflow. Average cost per window: $395-$1000.
  • Sliding Windows – have two sashes, one of them slides horizontally, and the other is stationary. Average cost per window $430-$1500.
  • Casement Windows – can be opened like a door. They are hinged along one side. Provide maximum ventilation, because they can be opened completely up and away from their frame. Average cost per window: $360-$980.

And also let’s consider how the choice of material affects the price: 

  • Vinyl – is one of the most popular and budget options. It doesn’t warp or rot, and it is very durable. Average price range: $130-$1170.
  • Composite – is a mix of wood fibers and PVC. It is durable and does not need any maintenance. And also it looks like real wood. Average price range: $390-$1560.
  • Aluminum – is an inexpensive material, but it doesn’t have good insulation properties, and it is difficult to paint. The least popular among all of the other choices. Average price range: $98-$520.
  • Wood – is durable and beautiful at the same time. A better selection of colors. You can choose from a variety of types of wood: pine, oak, cedar, mahogany, etc. Average price range: $195-$1690.
  • Fiberglass – is more durable than vinyl, but it is 15%-30% more expensive. Its higher price makes it less popular than vinyl. Average price range: $650-$1950.

A Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors is your best choice for window replacement in Oakville, Ontario. 

They have over 13 years of experience and can recommend the right solution for your needs. High quality of services, products, and knowledge, that’s why the customers always come back and refer them to families and friends.

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