How Does Cheap cPanel License Help In The Web Hosting Of Companies?

cPanel license assists you to carry on web hosting of companies. Thus, a cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation practices. These practices are primarily intended to reduce the course of hosting a website. See cpanel alternative

Navicosoft offers cheap cPanel licenses to its clients at reasonable rates. So, you can easily buy a cheap cPanel license for better performance of your websites as it is the best option for web hosting of companies.

Let’s start:

 An Overview of cheap cPanel license:

As you are familiar with the term, cPanel and Web Host Manager are assortments of practices developed for Linux OS. Thus, this set offers you the facility to systematize hosting web tasks over an easy graphical user interface. So, buy cheap cPanel license from an authorized web hosting provider to help lessen all the hitches of server integration. Accordingly, it delivers fast operations of servers and better performance of websites.

cPanel license helps to simplify the following tasks:

  • Uploading and organizing web pages;
  • Creating your email accounts;
  • Installing the web-based applications like articles, shopping carts, and various channels;
  • Backup of data;
  • Protection of a website’s content and bandwidth from exploitation;
  • Generating and programming the measurements about companies;
  • Evaluation of error logs to touch split links and other concerns.

Categories of different cPanel licenses:

Generally, there are four categories of cPanel licenses used according to the need for web hosting of a company.

·  Solo cPanel license:

cPanel Solo license is a single account server license, typically designed for a complete dedicated server. So, an environment operating virtual software can consume this category. Moreover, with a cPanel Solo license, Web Host Manager accounts can establish a single cPanel user from the WHM interface.

·  Admin cPanel license:

Admin cPanel license allows a server to manage up to five cPanel users. Therefore, this is a Cloud license, and it is only matched with VPS.

·  Pro cPanel license:

Pro license lets a server join about thirty users at the same time. However, this license category is also well-matched with VPS, and it is a cloud license.

·  Premier cPanel license:        

This server category can host more than a hundred accounts altogether without any interruption. Hence, the Premier cPanel license is a metal license and runs on VPS and dedicated servers.

What are the benefits of a cPanel license for you and your clients?

You must upgrade tiresome server management tasks for better web hosting for companies. Thus, your customers can easily handle every side of the website by using a simple and easy GUI. So, buy a cheap cPanel license to assist you and your clients.

Benefits of cPanel license for you:

·  Systematize everything:

Cheap cPanel automates, reduces SSL distribution, and your billing needs to be cut down above your head. Likewise, use the cPanel and Web Host Manager API to create custom scripts and strategies to do any extra recovering for you.

·  Establish and adjust features:

The cPanel license allows access to the cPanel and WHM system, hence hosting a way of open possibilities! Meanwhile, choose from hundreds of features indulged in cPanel or available as third-party add-ons. Therefore, it assists in developing high-class sets for your users to pick from you.

·  MultiPHP management:

A cheap cPanel license allows PHP selection on your servers, domains, or accounts. Therefore, establish them all flawlessly through the MultiPHP Manager.

Benefits of cheap cPanel for clients:

·  Account administrator:

Cheap cPanel creates sub-user accounts for people in a company or an association. Therefore, allowing comprehensive or limited approach to Webmail, FTP, databases, or Web Disk.

·  Control domains:

cPanel license manages multiple domains on a single cPanel account, with an add-on and subdomains. Hence, allow your clients professionally manage more than one website on your server.

·  Email, calendars, and contacts:

After attaining navicosoft’s cheap cPanel license and opening to discover cPanel and WHM capacities, you will be capable of creating accounts, forwarders, and autoresponders. Similarly, you can clean account-level in Webmail and utilize calendars and contacts for personal and business requirements.

·  Databases administration:

This license creates and supplies MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. So, implement comprehensive executive control over the sub-user accounts to access the data.

Role of cPanel license in server customization and profit growth?

A cheap cPanel license enhances the income, produces the best part of your servers, and permits your customers a chance to grow. Thus, the evidence about cheap cPanel licenses will assist you to carry on.

·  Third-Party plugins:

A cheap cPanel license offers a custom-made experience to your audience by participating in third-party plans or plugins for your service. Therefore, there are hundreds of plugins from which you can easily make a selection.

·  Allocation procedure:

You can rapidly allocate new clients and customers with the cPanel relocation procedure. Also, you can duplicate many accounts from an isolated machine to your cPanel and Web Host Manager server.

·  White-label software:

When you buy cPanel license, cPanel and WHM will permit you to change the appearance and flair of cPanel, Webmail. Therefore, it chooses notices to convey your customer’s broad access to an enterprise of large-scale cPanel with an expensive feel of your product.

·  Submissions:

Third-party software applications can help you develop a dynamic, energetic website with content, bulletin boards, and eCommerce.


Navicosoft has been providing various software for web hosting of companies for many years. So, the Research and Development section is looking for advances in web hosting to help the customers. Therefore, some shreds of evidence about cheap cPanel license bang the complete goal of the hosting issues.

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