Analysis on installation and maintenance of belt conveyor

0 Introduction

To ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of belt conveyor, we should start from two aspects: installation, operation and maintenance of belt conveyor.

The early installation is the basis for the stable operation of the belt conveyor. The technical requirements for the installation of the belt conveyor should be strictly implemented and the hidden dangers should be investigated from the source. Maintenance is the guarantee for the stable operation of belt conveyor. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly grasp the maintenance system and the professional skills of maintenance workers to prevent the failure of belt conveyor.

1 Belt conveyor

The belt conveyor has been used for more than 200 years. It is characterized by large transportation volume, convenient maintenance and uninterrupted work. It is mainly suitable for metallurgy, mineral mining, chemical industry, grain trading and other industries. Especially in the period of mine mining, it has high economy and stability. Now it is widely used in mine construction.

At present, the belt conveyor can meet the needs of modern mine mining, and it gradually tends to high power and long transportation length. The belt conveyor is mainly composed of transmission drum, steering drum, pallet, frame, transport belt, driving parts, tensioning parts, braking parts and backstop. In recent years, the large type of belt conveyor has made remarkable achievements. To a certain extent, it has improved the transmission quantity and transmission length, which has gradually impacted the automobile and truck transportation industry. The advantages of belt conveyor are mainly reflected in its simple composition, wide application range, large transportation quantity, long transportation length, convenient loading and unloading, high stability, low cost, low energy consumption, high practicability to the line, good market development prospect, etc. Therefore, belt conveyor has been widely promoted all over the world.

In the mid-20th century, due to the rise of Electronic Science and technology, the end of conveyor belt connection has also been optimized, making the belt conveyor a qualitative leap. During this time period, the remarkable feature of belt conveyor is its rapid progress and the gradual diversification of applicable industries. The progress is towards larger transportation volume, higher efficiency, better energy consumption, less capital investment and intelligence. Belt conveyor plays an important role in the transportation industry. It can promote the development and progress of many fields. Its key structure and working theory is to continuously complete the transportation work with the help of conveyor belt. However, in various fields, due to different production needs, the types of belt conveyors selected are also different, and the advantages and emphases of various types of belt conveyors are also different. The belt conveyors widely used are steel wire rope traction belt conveyor and fixed belt conveyor.

2 Installation

2.1 Installation of conveyor belt

The important component of the belt conveyor is the transport belt, which runs through the whole conveyor. While reducing the problems of the conveyor belt, it can effectively prolong the application time of the belt conveyor and reduce the operation cost. During the installation of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to ensure that the joint of the conveyor belt is straight, smooth and closely bonded, and there shall be no phenomena such as overdue payment and bulging. The center lines of the two conveyor belts shall not coincide by more than 3 mm. During the operation of the belt conveyor, the conveyor belt shall not slip or deviate, and the deviation range shall be controlled at 5% of the broadband.

2.2 Installation of driving device

The belt conveyor driving the equipment is the energy source for good operation. During the installation of driving equipment, it must be ensured that the central axis of the belt conveyor is in the center of the transmission roller, and at the same time, it must be at an angle of 90 degrees with the transmission roller, so as to ensure that the parallelism deviation between the transmission and the steering roller does not exceed 3%. During the commissioning operation of the driving equipment, the motor and reducer shall not have abnormal vibration, abnormal noise and temperature rise, but the backstop and brake may generate heat during operation, but there shall be no abnormal noise, and all shaft components shall not have abnormal loss.

2.3 Installation of supporting rod and frame

The supporting rod needs to be placed above the frame to play a supporting role in the overall transportation equipment and ensure that the drape of the conveyor belt is within the normal range. It is necessary to ensure the sensitivity of the supporting spoke, at the same time, it is required to form a 90 ° angle with the center line of the belt conveyor, and there is no abnormal noise and jamming. The non-coincidence between the center line of the frame and the longitudinal center line of the belt conveyor shall be controlled within 3 mm.

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2.4 Installation of tensioning device

The tension of the belt will change with the working time and the weight of the load. Proper tensioning force can ensure the good operation of the belt conveyor. If the tensioning force is too small, there may be slippage between the belt and the roller. If the tensioning force is too weak, the operation of the transportation device may be affected. As a key component of tensioning without weight loss, the steel wire rope used shall not have rust and fracture. The quality of the tensioning hammer directly determines the tension of the belt, which can adjust the tension. Under normal conditions, the tensioning equipment must be installed around the transmission roller to prevent the belt from slipping when starting up. In addition, the tensioning part needs to be installed at the position with low tension, so that the tension can be well adjusted.

2.5 Installation of protective device

The anti-skid protection equipment needs to be set at the return belt position of the belt conveyor. If the belt conveyor is fixed, the anti-skid protection equipment needs to be set in the middle of the head unloading through and the driving roller; In case of coal stacking protection, it needs to be set at the connecting position of two conveyors, and the protective contact should be hung in front of the unloading roll, and the suspension height must be higher than the bottom plane of the unloading drum; the deviation protection equipment must be set in groups, respectively at the head and end of the machine, and connected with the belt conveyor frame with special brackets; the temperature sensor needs to be set around the active role of the belt conveyor, The contact needs to be connected with the outer wall of the main roller.

2.6 Analysis of overlapping installation of two or more belt conveyors

During the connection between two or more belt conveyors, it is necessary to ensure that the transported goods can be transported from the tail of the former equipment to the head of the latter. At the same time, the height difference between the front and rear conveyors needs to be controlled at l m up and down.

3 Maintenance analysis

3.1 maintenance

During the specific repair and maintenance period, relevant workers must inspect the belt conveyor on time and register the inspection results. If abnormal conditions are found, detailed inspection must be carried out according to the actual conditions, and the abnormal data of the belt conveyor must be carefully registered to ensure that there is evidence in the later maintenance process. According to their own work experience, calculate the hidden threat of belt conveyor, effectively eliminate the adverse factors in the initial period, reduce the possibility of problems during the operation of transportation equipment, and reduce the investment of maintenance funds. The problem worthy of attention is that the belt conveyor needs to be opened and closed under the condition of zero transportation. If two or more conveyors are set synchronously, the locking equipment needs to be opened step by step according to specific conditions to ensure the convenience and safety of the centralized control room in the application of conveyors.

3.2 Maintenance

If you want to improve the safety of belt conveyor during operation and increase the application time, you must ensure the quality of routine maintenance. Relevant staff must regularly inspect the working status of relevant equipment to ensure that the inspection frequency is no less than once a day. In addition, the firmness of the connecting parts of all mechanical components shall be inspected. At the same time, the belt shall be inspected on time. Wang wants to check whether the pulling belt has tension and relaxation. If so, it must be maintained immediately.

At the same time, it is also necessary to check the cleanliness and transmission conditions of the conveyor belt, the sensitivity of rolling and the bite of the transmission sprocket. The inspection frequency shall not be less than once a month. If it is found that it is stuck or displaced, it shall be handled immediately, and the sprocket shall be lubricated regularly. In the inspection process, it is necessary to carry out dust removal for the control box to ensure the cleanliness of the control box.

4 Conclusion

To sum up, during the actual operation of the belt conveyor, in order to ensure its safe, reliable and stable work, the relevant staff must first strengthen the management of the installation and maintenance of the belt conveyor. In the subsequent operation process, it should be repaired and maintained regularly, so as to effectively prevent the failure of the belt conveyor in the actual operation process.

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