What Equipment Do I Need To Install A Glycol Beer System?

If you have a long draw glycol-cooled dispensing system, then you will need trunk lines as an important part to ensure a certain temperature during the dispensing of the drink.

Read in our article, what are the main lines and where to choose the appropriate equipment for your needs.

How Do You Set Up a Glycol System?

This equipment ensures the safe storage and delivery of beer from the refrigeration chamber to its dispensing point. It is an excellent choice for bars, restaurants and other establishments offering a large selection of beers, as well as for long draw units (glycol systems can be up to 228 meters/750 feet)where it is important to ensure a stable temperature of the drink while transporting it from the refrigeration chamber to the beer tower.

To set up the glycol system in your establishment, you will need:

  • Power supply
  • Trunk lines
  • Beer tower

The power supply is a cooling unit, which is responsible for the circulation of glycol throughout the system, which allows it to maintain a preset temperature.

Trunk lines connect barrels in the refrigeration chamber with various faucets in the tower. It is the trunk lines that ensure the required temperature of the beverage during its transportation.

The beer tower is the only element that is “visible”. All you have to do is turn the tap and pour a glass of tasty, fresh beer.

What Do You Need to Install a Glycol Beer System?

To install such equipment, you will need all the above mentioned elements (trunk lines, power supply and beer tower).

But this is not all. When choosing trunk lines it is important to take into account:

  • Number of beer varieties;
  • Type of coating;
  • Inner diameter, etc.

In addition, you will also need the following support components:

  • Carbon dioxide cylinders and gas pipeline;
  • Primary and secondary gas regulators
  • Mixers
  • Gas blender
  • Keg connector.

If you do not know how to choose a suitable Glycol Beer System, please contact Beverage Craft in Canada. 

Here you can find many different models of this equipment, as well as get professional advice and assistance in choosing the optimal one for you so that your product will work as efficiently as possible.

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