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How Can Whatsapp Marketing Help Real Estate? Here are 5+ Benefits

Due to the COVID crisis, it has become clear that the real estate industry is facing challenges, particularly with sales. To prosper, real estate brokers and businesses need to adapt many of their current procedures as the bulk of consumer interactions move online. This involves using current digital technology to improve sales and customer support.

Since the real estate business demands frequent contact with customers through phone calls and chats, real estate companies must find a technology that will enable them to manage these interactions efficiently. This is where WhatsApp marketing comes into play since it enables businesses to conduct client contacts in a more efficient manner WhatsApp marketing using robustReal Estate CRM Software is an excellent option for promoting your business. It fulfills all the required criteria: reaching out to a broader audience, content size, personalized communication, and almost no restrictions.

So what are the benefits of WhatsApp marketing? How does it help a Real Estate business? Here are some of the prominent reasons for choosing WhatsApp marketing for Real Estate:

1. Low Cost:

The burden of creating a large amount of marketing content, with its associated costs, is not easy to manage. However, WhatsApp marketing can save you some significant expenses. The days of relying only on flyers and pamphlets are long gone. With effective marketing methods on a minimal budget, you can connect with more consumers and obtain great results.

2. Target Audience:

The fundamental goal of WhatsApp communication is to keep in touch with customers. Potential clients and first-time home purchasers are hesitant since they have many enquiries and concerns. Using WhatsApp Marketing effectively, you can make it easier for your clients to approach your Real Estate company. Potential buyers want immediate responses and speedy results when purchasing or renting a home.

Thanks to WhatsApp Marketing for business, real estate professionals and brokers have a real chance for growth. Many real estate companies have profited from this, and more businesses are turning to WhatsApp marketing CRM to expand their clientele and company. 

3. High Message Open Rate

Emails and SMS, despite their prominence, have an engagement rate of 21.33 percent, according to a Mailchimp analysis. Only 2-5 percent of consumers click on the links supplied in the mail, indicating that clickthrough rates are significantly lower.

Unlike emails and SMS, however, WhatsApp has a strong message open rate of 98 percent, which means that 98 out of 100 texts sent are read. This is due to WhatsApp’s international prominence as a messaging service, having over 2 billion users globally.

4. Lead Nurturing with Property Images and URLs:

When it comes to Real Estate marketing, you can provide relevant asset listings and advertise new ones directly to their hand-held devices using WhatsApp Marketing.

You may send URLs through WhatsApp to relevant property listings or new property listings in the targeted location based on the prospect’s needs. You can also monitor the clickthrough percentage for every link you distribute to understand how interested prospective buyers are.

5. Personalization:

You can contact the majority, if not all of your customers at any moment with WhatsApp. You can also easily give them relevant material to pique their interest after adding them to the address book. This might contain special deals, property photos and videos, brochures, and other information they have on hand. You may provide the most recent information on a property in a fraction of a second.

WhatsApp can assist real estate businesses in their marketing initiatives by adding a personal touch. Using client names before sending text, giving them special deals based on their interests are a part of it. Furthermore, real estate agencies might use WhatsApp to distribute brief samples of homes to prospective consumers in order to entice them.

6. Virtual Open House Tours:

Due to buyers’ flexibility, marketers often arrange open house gatherings on Saturdays and Sundays. Such time and date restrictions bring in additional challenges for realtors to overcome in their marketing efforts. However, virtual open house activities reduce the need for open house activities on weekends.

You can use WhatsApp marketing software to deliver short films, photos, and slide displays of their properties. You can provide consumers additional convenience by removing the need for an actual visit while also keeping customers pleased through the technique. Additionally, by allowing clients to tour the house from the comfort of their own homes, you will increase the likelihood of success in your marketing methods.



WhatsApp Marketing for Real Estate allows you to answer common user questions, create legitimate leads, schedule client appointments with agents for property tours and answer relevant questions. WhatsApp marketing can also help firms and agencies save customer service costs, produce more quality leads, and boost their total return on investment.

A customized CRM solution to Real Estate can best help you identify your client needs with WhatsApp Marketing. Such is the case with Sell.Do, a tailor-made, end-to-end Real Estate CRM solution that assists you with veteran-made marketing and sales automation features. With its comprehensive range of capabilities covering WhatsApp marketing and your Real Estate business as a whole, Sell.Do ensures that you automate as many of your business processes as possible, minimize hassle and maximize your returns on investment. Sell.Do is a must-have CRM software for a Real Estate business looking to scale their marketing and sales processes to the next level.

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