4 Top-famous News Websites Built With Drupal At The Core

Are you interested in getting News websites built with Drupal for your news portal too? Getting the fast Drupal hosting first and acquiring the website will be the feasible work pattern.

Every niche from healthcare to entertainment has jumped up to online mediums to be accessible to a wide range of ordinary people to qualified customers. And hosting has participated as the core channel to let them incorporate online presence. Previously News was typically associated with the paper industry and television network only. However, like the other various sectors, now the news division has also sowed the seeds of getting the website.

However, one query that might come to mind is ‘Why Drupal?’ So let us answer your question with an easy explanation.

Drupal is a free and open-source CMS – Content Management System). It is highly scalable, ensures speedy development, and works best for high-traffic sites such as large and complex organizations. In addition, Drupal imparts caching to reduce page load times and resource requirements and improve website performance. Fortunately, Drupal has released Drupal 9 rich in features for development to functionalities. Therefore, individuals can get Affordable Drupal Hosting and be benefited from the Drupal platform for a news website.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top-famous News websites built with Drupal.


Forbes is a renowned American magazine and is worldwide popular. It releases Latest Breaking News in the form of multi-media content from pictures, videos, and special reports to blogs. In addition, you can seek reports and articles related to business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle, and so forth.

Recently Forbes has launched a video-sharing site that is based on the modified version of Drupal. The website not only uses the modified version of Drupal but is also compatible and optimized for mobiles as well. Being globally famous, it has to accommodate the voluminous traffic daily basis. Interestingly, Drupal is supporting its functionality at its best. In addition, it is said that Forbes Magazine’s Russian version also has Drupal at its core.

One of the leading News websites built with Drupal,, secured the top positions. It covers from global events to issues’ analysis behind the headlines for niches like world politics, economics, business, science, and many more. is an English weekly news magazine website and is based on Drupal. The site is famous for hosting around 3 million registered users. Interestingly, it receives comments every minute. To be precise, it welcomes more than 20-30 million page views per month. From which around 3.4 million visits are the unique visitors per month.

Handling such large traffic and spikes is the hallmark of chooses the Drupal platform and benefits from the extensive module ecosystem. It is also said that the Economist magazine website is going to integrate more viable tools on the website using Drupal progressively.


BBC Magazines is associated with the magazine publishing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Also, BBC News Online is the website of BBC News (responsible for newsgathering to production). The website displays international news coverage and British, entertainment, science, political News, and more. In addition, the official website of the BBC Music Magazine, BBC Countryfile Magazine, BBC Focus Magazine, etc., also incorporates Drupal. In fact, BBC reportedly has multiple magazine websites based on Drupal.

The last one in the News websites built with Drupal list is CNN is familiar to many individuals, while CNNGO is the well-known online streaming platform of CNN. This is more like an add-on website and has Drupal at its core. For the most part, users can find the latest breaking News, in-depth coverage, and information on the top stories. It also covers all niches from weather, business, entertainment, politics, and so forth. Intriguingly, people can access live CNN, CNN International, HLN broadcasts, entire episodes of CNN shows, etc., with their cable television user name and password. Besides, watching news clips is totally free.

Therefore, it also has a huge visitation volume (users), and hence Drupal, being the finest solution here.

Want to get a Drupal Website?

You can also get a news website using Drupal as your chosen CMS for development. However, you should be wise while choosing the hosting solution. As we mentioned above, Drupal is famous for developing high-traffic websites. So, you need an environment optimized for Drupal core functionality and requirements in terms of server, webspace, bandwidth, etc. Also, there should be fast servers with reliable uptime to reinforce the proper functionality of the developed website.

Therefore, it will be best to register for fast Drupal hosting. Besides, for the most part, lightning-speed content delivery is a must for a thriving news website. Otherwise, it can restrict the user experience and break the user interest due to avoiding delayed streaming and other hassles.

Navicosoft offers Fast Drupal Hosting with blazing fast speeds to effectively host your News websites built with Drupal. Also, all the plans come with rich features, high-end security, and a maximum uptime guarantee.

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