Things You Should Know About Monogamy

When you think about the word monogamy, you may think about dating and marriage. This is to be expected. Monogamy refers to two people in a couple that is exclusive. You might have been in monogamous relationships in your life. Here are a few additional things to know about monogamy.

Monogamy is the Social Norm

In the United States, monogamy is considered to be the proper way to handle relationships. Many couples start dating, and either move in together or get married when they enter into a long-term relationship. Monogamous marriages are legal throughout the entire country.

Some Countries Don’t Practice Monogamy

There are countries throughout the world where monogamy isn’t the basis for many marriages. Some locations allow for there to be multiple wives or husbands in one marriage. This is also a practice that some individuals take advantage of in America. It is up to you to determine what is the right choice for you and your mate.

You can talk to each other about this topic to determine what both of you want out of your relationship. If you don’t intend to be monogamous, it will be necessary to discuss the rules and expectations of your relationship with one another. This way, everyone should be able to get what they want out of your pairing, and there won’t be any needs unmet.

For further details about monogamy, check out this site: It can describe more about the practice and how to know if it is the right choice for you.

How to Begin a Monogamous Relationship

If you know that you are looking for a monogamous relationship, there are a couple of ways to go about this. The first step is to find someone to date that you are compatible with. You may find an individual to date from your friends, meet someone as you go out, or through an online dating app.

No matter how you find someone to date, you should be cautious as you get to know them. Take your time learning about them and trust your instincts. If they exhibit behaviors that you do not like or say things that contradict other statements they have told you, do not ignore these instances. On the other hand, once you do find someone that you feel you have a future with, you must talk to them about what you want out of a relationship.

Together you can determine what the next step is. Do you want to keep dating exclusively, or do you want to move in together? Make sure you are honest about what you want and what you expect out of your partner and allow them to tell you the same. Together you can grow your connection when you are open and honest with each other.

Seeking Therapy

If you are unsure of whether you want to be monogamous or not, you may want to talk to a therapist. You can speak with them about how you are feeling, any doubts you are experiencing, and what your options are. In some cases, they will be able to help you reframe how you are thinking about specific situations. You may want them to explain ethical non-monogamy as well, and how this is possible if it is something you are interested in. You may also visit with a therapist as a couple, so you can work out any issues you are having or to strengthen your communication skills with each other.


Monogamy may be the basis of many of the relationships you have seen over your lifetimes, such as in the case of your parents and grandparents. However, this isn’t the only type of relationship that there is. You must decide for yourself what is right for you and lay out rules and expectations for any relationship that you are a part of. You can also work with a counselor if you need guidance determining what you like and for the best advice or additional tips to consider.

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