5 Facts About Menopause

You may know a bit about menopause and its effects of it but would like to learn more. Menopause is something that can happen to a woman once she reaches a certain age or point in her life. Here are 5 facts you may want to pay attention to regarding menopause.

Menopause Occurs Over a Period of Time

When you are thinking about menopause, it is necessary to understand that it doesn’t just happen suddenly. Menopause occurs after a woman hasn’t had a period for a year or more. However, there may be signs prior to this. Before menopause, an individual may experience what is known as perimenopause, which can happen years before they experience menopause. Perimenopause can begin in your 30s and may cause symptoms such as frequently becoming overheated and irregular periods.

There are Multiple Symptoms Associated With It

If a woman is experiencing menopause, there will likely be many symptoms associated with it that they could be affected by. For example, you could see a change in your moods, your libido, and you may notice that you are getting hot throughout the day and when you sleep. You might also note that your hair seems thinner, and you have pains throughout your body as well. Another symptom that could be present is bone loss, since menopause could leave you at risk for osteoporosis. The intensity and frequency of the symptoms can differ from day to day as well, which is something you should be aware of.

Symptoms Change From One Person to Another

Another note about the symptoms of menopause is that they will be different from female to female. If you experience a certain symptom, a friend may not experience the same one. Even if someone in your family has experienced menopause, you could have different symptoms when you go through it yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask loved ones for advice on how to lessen your symptoms though, since they may have tips that you haven’t thought of to make you feel more comfortable.

You Can Take Advantage of Different Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options you can consider when you are experiencing menopause. Once you meet with your doctor, you will be able to discuss what is occurring in your body, so you can become aware of the changes taking place. This may also determine what type of treatment is right for your menopause. In some cases, it may call for hormone therapy, medications, or even therapy, depending on the symptoms that are affecting you the most. Be sure to be honest with your doctor, so they will be able to determine how to help you the best way. If you need to take advantage of therapy, you should seek mental health support as soon as possible too.

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Menopause Could Cause Other Issues For You Too

In addition to symptoms that you may experience due to menopause, it can affect your body in a few different ways as well. Intercourse may become painful, and you might experience weight gain. There may be foods you can no longer eat, or you could have to go to the bathroom more often. These are also symptoms that you should discuss with your doctor, even if you don’t know whether they are related to menopause or not. All of your symptoms could take some getting used to, but many are able to be treated or lessened through the proper treatment option.


Menopause generally occurs around age 50, but it can occur before or after this time. It involves experiencing many changes in your body, which can be different from one person to the next. Remember that even though there may be many changes taking place during menopause, there are also numerous treatment options available as well. Once you suspect that you have symptoms related to menopause, visit with your doctor to see how they can help you.

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