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What Is VIP Cyber Security? How To Stay Secure Online

Cybercrimes continue to dominate the spotlight throughout the world, costing organizations millions each year. SMEs (Small & medium-sized enterprises) are not exempt from cyber-attacks. Most of these cyber attacks use email to trick the target into clicking on links, opening the email, or downloading files.

According to studies, over 99% of cyberattacks are human-centric, requiring human participation to operate. While hackers still need human participation to obtain data, the latest breakthrough in network-based ransomware allows hackers to bypass security barriers without requiring human involvement.

One of the most pressing concerns for VIPs is cybersecurity. Cryptocurrency traders, Lawyers, and Targeted high-profile individuals are all desirable targets for cybercriminals. As a result of digital security risks like identity theft, SIM swapping, email hacking, and social media impersonation,  VIP security is always at stake. This article will discuss what VIP cyber security is and how to secure yourself online.

What Does VIP Cyber Security Mean?

A VIP is someone who demands a high level of protection. Cybercriminals are interested in top-tier persons in any sector. Attacks on VIPs’ can have severely harmed their reputations and even the companies they represent by cyber-attacks.

Currently, VIP protection is a necessity. Since they are perfect for giving high-level access within a company, VIP executives and VAPs are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Below are some of the most usual security risks that concern VIP security:

  • Identity theft
  • SIM Swapping
  • Hacked email accounts and more
  • Mobile phone attacks

As per the survey, the total average expense of a data breach has risen to $4.2 million. The highest-paid in the 17-year history of the company.

Implementing VIP security services, on the other hand, reduces the danger and offers security from cyber-attacks.

Six Factors Why VIPs Are Targeted

Executives and VIPs, vital to the company’s and brand reputation, are a significant target for malicious attackers seeking to acquire sensitive data access.

As per statistics, C-suite executives subject 40% of businesses to cyber security concerns.

VIPs are a potential target for cyberattacks for a variety of purposes:

  • Cyber attackers are well aware that higher-ranking executives with high-level access are good targets for obtaining valuable information and data about the sophistication of a company. Once the hackers have gained access to the network via VIP profiles, they can steal and exploit firm data, extort money, blackmail, and harm the organization’s reputation.
  • Tech-savvy hackers use identity fraud, social media spoofing, and mobile number hacking to attack firms’ CEOs, CFOs, and executive officers.
  • Businesses incur reputational harm due to social media spoofing and the exposure of VIPs’ IIPs due to security breaches.
  • Executives, VIPs, and employees frequently give out personal details on hackers’ social networking sites for account impersonation. It puts a business in jeopardy of losing money.
  • VIPs are always vulnerable to cyber-crimes because of a lack of cyber-crimes training, inadequate cyber security awareness, bring-your-own-device, and work from home policies.
  • Digital threats associated with VIP vulnerability include sensitive record leaks and brand exposure to the public.

How Can You Keep Yourself Secure Online?

Cyber threats are occurring on individuals and the technology they utilize daily. Malicious hackers today depend on information obtained through people-centric cyberattacks such as social media, email, and cell phone numbers to make money.

Here are some VIP security tips to assist you to safeguard your company and reducing your VIP’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Monitor Corporate Credentials of Executives and VIPs

Even though many companies have BYOD policies or provide security applications pre-installed on their employees’ phones, executives expose to hostile threats. Companies should take precautions to identify and detect compromised passwords as soon as possible. Information disclosed by users can be used for spoofing attacks, putting your company’s digital security in jeopardy.

An unprotected personal account can serve as an entry point into your organization for hackers.

Cyber Security Training

VIPs and other staff should get trained to understand digital risks, and following up with the current innovations can be helpful in the long run.

Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor verification should be enabled for all public and personal accounts by VIPs.

Authy, Google Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator are some options for authorization applications. You can also use credential applications like BitWarden or LastPass to create OTP for added security.

It’s also essential to remember that attackers read SMS via spoofing and phishing, which is why you shouldn’t use two-factor (2FA) SMS authentication.

Mobile Security Mechanism

Ensure your company uses mobile security mechanisms such as quick email access to safeguard devices against data leakage apps. The chance of administrators violating security measures minimizes when complete mobile security mechanisms use. The digital executive and VIP security services offered by Efani offer security and privacy 24/7.

Companies should protect VIPs from targeted attacks.

Malicious hackers go above and beyond to target VIP personnel to steal essential assets. Hackers use stolen or leaked passwords to breach accounts, spear-phishing, and SIM-swapping efforts that target CEOs, managers, and other employees exposed to the company network.

VIP Security Services

Everyone in a company must provide cyber security training, and Companies must purchase VIP security services. Security of VIPs from various fields, such as lawyers and owners of small and medium firms, requires an additional layer of protection to preserve digital assets.

The primary issue with present VIP digital security and privacy is the transfer of personal information by service providers and the subsequent exchange of that valuable information with a 3rd party for financial benefit. Others seek access to your confidential information to profit from it.

Malicious hackers can access your accounts, social media, financial assets, and other digital possessions because most services connect to your mobile numbers.

As a result, cyberattacks threaten wealthy persons, VAPs, VIPs, and celebrities. The premium Black Seal Protection from Efani solves online VIP attacks. Efani Black Seal Protection is an invite-only service meant to safeguard CFOS, CEOs, and executives, as the name implies. People who want to secure digital assets such as bitcoins can use Efani’s digital VIP security solutions.

SIM-Swap threats, fake tower attacks, SS7/location tracking threats, protection against DDOS and IP Data attacks, and Spoof and Spam calls are all protected by Efani’s Black Seal Protection. Efani’s private and secure cell phone plan keeps your confidential info separate from your mobile number and protects you with additional client layer verification.

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