Advantages And Disadvantages Of Offering Good Customer Service On Amazon

Most of the businesses that run online depend solely on good customer service as it allows you to get a competitive edge over competitors and stay ahead in the game. If we talk specifically about Amazon; then it has always claimed to be customer-centric. They don’t take customer service lightly and emphasize sellers to provide the best customer service they can to maintain Amazon’s reputation and get maximum sales. Customer service starts before a buyer has purchased an item and continues afterward. It all depends on how sellers interact with their customers and keep them satisfied with their products and services.

Now, before you start working on improving your customer service, you need to know about the advantages as well as the drawbacks you might face while providing excellent customer service to your customers.

Let’s start with the advantages.

Advantages of delivering excellent customer service

·  Satisfied customers

Once you start applying the right repricing strategies to offer the best product prices and work on your customer service, you start getting satisfied customers. Buyers that are truly happy with your product and customer service will spread the word about your company and recommend it to others via social media or through personal interactions. In short, happy customers could help you get more sales and boost the company’s market share.

·  Positive reviews

Product reviews play a vital role in helping potential buyers make their purchase decision. One bad review can change their mind and push them back from shopping from you. However, customers who are satisfied with your service are less likely to post a bad review. Once you are done delivering their orders, you can ask them to leave a review on your site regarding your product or customer service. It helps you increase reviews under your product page and helps in attracting more buyers.

·  Loyal customers will keep coming back

Satisfied customers will always choose you over other businesses. They will make repeat purchases by returning to you whenever they require a similar service or product in the future. This means that the company will have buyers who are loyal to the brand. Some of the brands encourage repeat purchases by offering a loyalty program in which customers are rewarded for buying from them on a frequent basis.

·  You can increase your prices

If your brand doesn’t compromise on product quality or customer service, it is allowed to charge a higher price for products than other businesses that have a bad reputation. This helps in increasing the company’s profitability while maintaining loyal customers. However, make sure you sign up with a smart Amazon repricer that knows when to increase your prices and when to drop them down.

Cons of offering excellent customer service

Although offering good customer service has its own set of advantages, it frequently increases the costs of the business. The following are a few examples of additional costs:

·  Higher wages and compensation as a result of recruiting customer service professionals.

·  Paying for the training of the staff as well as other additional expenses such as transportation to facilitate employees or refreshments.

·  In order to make employees provide after-sale services to your customers, you need to pay them extra.

·  Also, if you sign up with a customer service tool to manage your customer’s queries, it sometimes costs you a lot as well.

Small businesses might have a hard time coping with all these extra costs. However, the advantages of offering excellent customer service usually outweigh all the drawbacks and help in building brand image and increasing profitability.

What will happen if you keep providing poor customer service to your buyers?

Most of the buyers will definitely remember their troubled experience with you and the quality of your customer service. For example, when you didn’t deliver their product on time, took a lot of time in confirming their order, or your staff members were rude to the customers while resolving their issues.

Such minor mistakes can ruin your company’s reputation and give your brand the tag of “not worth it”. Such damaging acts result in unhappy customers who will be less likely to buy items from you or avail of your services in the future.

It leads to damaging your brand image and developing a negative one in the market. You start getting aggressive and bad reviews on social media as well as under your product page. This is quite problematic since many potential buyers will not purchase from a company that has such negative reviews from past customers.

Brands that fail in providing good customer service lose their customers in the long run and face a significant loss in their sales and profits.

In conclusion,

All of your marketing plans, repricing strategies, and other efforts will be of no use if you fail to keep your customers happy. Make sure to provide the best customer service and gain more customers rather than negative reviews.

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