3 Reasons Why Back To Wall Bath Is Perfect for Your Home!

Picture this: You come home after a long day at work, exhausted out of your wits. You want to read a chapter or two of your favorite book with a wine in your hand. Do you know what will make this an even better experience? A bathtub!

A bathtub effortlessly elevates the entire look of your washroom. More importantly, it offers a chance to enjoy a comforting bath full of colorful bath bombs. How cool is that?

If you are wondering which kind of bathtub would be perfect, well, back to wall bathtubs are the best! Why? We’ve got an answer for you!

Why are Back to Wall Bathtubs the Best?

A back-to-wall bathtub is mostly attached in an alcove with two or more surrounding walls. They fit in well and act like a beautiful centerpiece in any washroom. And, well, they are much more practical than the rest.

But that’s not all!

1. Ideal Use of Washroom Space

Before investing in a bathtub, you would first consider the budget. Of course. But the next most important thing to consider is the space available in your washroom.

With a typical bath or free-standing bath, the chances are that it will hog a lot of space and make your washroom seem crammed. It will also hamper any extra cabinet you may want to install in your bathroom.

But, a back-to-wall bathtub hardly requires a lot of space since they are plastered against the wall. So, regardless of the size of your washroom, you will be able to find an inset bathtub that fits your bill. Plus, they offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from!

Let’s not forget all the extra space you will have to store some more things in your washroom, or even for free movement!

2. Effortless Cleaning

Generally, bathtubs set in the middle of the deep corner of the washroom have a chance of accumulating a lot of dirt. As opposed to those, the inset bathtubs are not dirt magnets.

Since they are laid against the wall, there is no gap between the tub and wall where dirt might collect. All you have to do is wipe to inside and sides of the washroom. It’s easy to clean and takes minimal effort and time!

So, no worries about how to maintain it!

3. Symmetry and Safety

As it turns out, multiple studies indicate that the human brain derives pleasure from symmetry. And what brings symmetry to your washroom? Back to wall bathtubs!

These bathtubs, especially one with 3 walls surrounding them, give an impression of soothing symmetry. Additionally, it creates an effect of safety and minimal vulnerability that eases our cave dwellers’ instincts that still exist deep within us.

With any other bathtub open from all sides, set in the middle of the room, this specific feeling of security fades away.

Simple science!

Wrapping Up

Bathtubs are synonymous with respite and opulence. They look luxurious, and they drive home a feeling of magnificence and grandeur. You deserve a warm, long, relaxing bath in a tub now and then.

Do you want to maximize space in your washroom? Do you want extra safety for your kids who act like little Olympics champions, jumping from the edge of the tub? Do you want to enjoy a glass of champagne and keep the glass on the supporting edge? Back to wall bathtubs are the best!

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