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Deciding Between a Murphy Bed or Cabinet Bed


If you require a bed space that is usually out-of-sight, but still needs to be functional and open during the day when it’s not being used, then you’re in the market for one of two types of beds that are meant to be stored away: A Murphy bed or Cabinet bed.

Before deciding on the design that’s best for your home situation, it’ll be helpful to know how these beds are rated in terms of overall quality as well as what benefits each bed has over the other. Here’s an overview of our recommendations.

Murphy Beds

Cabinet Bed

For those looking for space saving, practicality and affordability, Murphy beds may be the right choice. They’re designed to be easy to install and follow the simple crank operated design that has been used in homes since 1885. This type of bed frame size is 41 x 82 x 22 inches when folded up or down and it weighs about 100 pounds with a mattress on top (you’ll want to get two people for the installation process).

We like this model from the USA because it can be taken apart and re-assembled without any tools for easier moving within the home. This one is also constructed using quality materials to ensure that it doesn’t experience any damage during everyday use or when storing it away. As an added bonus, you can add a mattress support system together with this bed frame.

Murphy beds are one of the oldest designs and they’re still among some of the most functional and affordable options available. The design is relatively simple, just turn a crank on a side wall to fold down the frame where your mattress will go. Due to its collapsible design, this type of bed doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

Cabinet Beds

Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds take on a more complicated design and do require some extremely expensive joinery in order to be put together. They’re also available in both upholstered and sleeper designs, depending on your specific sleeping preference. They’re among the most expensive types of beds to buy, but they don’t skimp on the build quality.

This is the second-generation design from one of our top picks. Even though it’s made from solid wood, the frame is constructed using stainless steel hardware for extra strength and security. The upholstered version comes with a foam mattress overlay that provides support and comfort, but you can remove it to save space during storage.

You can also get a portable version of a cabinet bed if you’re looking for something that will fit into your vehicle or closet when not in use. It’s a simple design that’s affordably priced, but you’ll still have to pay extra for the large pieces of furniture necessary to make this model work.

Cabinet beds, by contrast, are a more complicated design and though they’re not necessarily more expensive to buy, the complexity of their construction can be a challenge for many homeowners. You could end up having to deal with some pretty pricey joinery if you choose to go for this type of bed.

Which is the Right Bed for Me?

Both of these types of beds provide you with plenty of storage room in your home, but they each have their own unique features that are essential to their functionality. An upholstered Murphy bed may be more appealing to those that want a more decorative design in their bedroom and are more concerned about looks than function, while the ladder-style wooden cabinet bed is made for anyone who wants extra support on all angles.

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable, then you’ll probably prefer the design of a Murphy bed because it’s a long established design that has been refined over decades to be easy on the budget. If you have more specific needs when making your sleeping space and don’t mind paying extra for a quality product, then we recommend cabinet beds as they can provide you with plenty of storage room in addition to being able to fold up and down.

While Murphy beds are popular choices for people who don’t want a permanent piece of furniture in their room, Cabinet beds tend to appeal more to those looking for something that can be used daily without taking up too much space once completed. If you’re interested in one of these types of beds, then you probably already have a good idea which design is right for your specific needs.

Home Value Consideration

Decide the length of time you’ll be remaining in your home and how adding an additional cabinet bed or wall bed could affect the resale value. The Murphy wall bed has to be secured to the wall. This way, it will eventually become an integral part of the home and add value. A bed in a cabinet however is mobile and is able to be moved as easily as other furniture.We hope that you’ll have an idea of your ideal choice is a bed on the wall or a cabinet bed.


So, what’s the verdict? Which is better for you- a Murphy bed or cabinet bed? The answer really depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both beds have their pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to what’s most important to you. If you need more storage space and don’t mind sacrificing a little extra floor space when the bed is not in use, then a cabinet bed is probably the better option for you. But if you want the convenience of a Murphy bed that can be quickly tucked away into a closet or wall cavity, then go for it! Ultimately, either choice will give you a comfortable place to sleep at night.

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