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How To Prevent Major Damage To Your Home After A Flood

Flooding is an unexpected inconvenience that can ruin the year of many homeowners – although nobody likes to think about it, flooding does happen to thousands of people each year. If you’ve recently been affected by a flood, how do you prevent major damage?

Partner with the Right Companies

Firstly, don’t fall into the trap of many homeowners and panic after flooding. When you panic, you’re likely to make poor decisions and this can threaten the safety of your family while also worsening the damage caused by floodwater. At all times, the safety of your family comes first.

After this, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone. Various companies exist to make your life easier and prevent major damage to your home. As an example, some companies help to restore your home by removing all water with the latest technical innovations. Meanwhile, others offer water damage carpet cleaning. When you partner with the right companies, you’ll minimize damage and get your home back to normal without causing too much disruption. If you have home insurance, then in this condition, it is beneficial to take help from public adjuster companies in Pennsylvania to analyze your endorsements and understand the limits for repair value and replacement costs.

Remove Excess Water

If it’s safe and you’re waiting for a professional service, maybe the damage isn’t so serious that it needs professional help, the first step is to remove excess water. Rather than using your vacuum (this will cause damage!), use buckets and a mop wherever possible. The quicker you get rid of the water, the less likely you are to experience mould and other long-term problems.

Move Items to Dry

If you can, move items that can dry without too much damage into a warm room or outside (assuming the weather allows for this!). For example, this includes clothing, furniture, and other items inside the property. If you leave this exposed to the affected areas, they could get beyond the point of repair.

Use Equipment

One of the reasons why professional services are so valuable is that they have access to the best equipment around. For example, this includes industrial dehumidifiers. With these blasting away, you’ll quickly remove lots of moisture from the property. Again, this limits damage to items inside your home while also reducing the risk of mould. As well as dehumidifiers, potential equipment for this purpose includes pumps.

Ultimately, you’ll want to remove as much water as possible through drying and other techniques to reduce the pressure on the structure of the property.

Be Careful with Electrical Points

Often, people inadvertently damage their homes further simply by switching on their lights or otherwise putting stress on the electrical system after exposure to water. If you believe that an electrical point has been exposed to water, you’ll need to contact a professional for expert assistance.

If water has put pressure on the ceiling of a basement, don’t use the main lights because this can cause shocks and fires.

Disinfect and Sanitise

If the water was contaminated, you’ll want to disinfect your home and use sanitising products to prevent ill health in the future. When cleaning, avoid rubbing because this can grind the dirt into the surface. Instead, try to loosen the dirt by cleaning gently.

If the flooding is moderate, you can follow the advice in this guide and avoid major damage to the structure of the property and the valuable contents inside. If the flooding is serious, it’s best to contact emergency water remediation services because they have the right equipment, expertise, and resources to help. They will take steps to fix your home and ensure that you don’t experience long-term problems (many can also assist insurance cleaning services.)

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