Apartment Safety and Security Tips for Renters

So you’re moving into a new apartment soon, and you’re looking for ways to ensure your and your family’s safety. It’s not that apartments are inherently dangerous or anything like that. However, you’re exposed to more potential risks when living in close quarters, such as in an apartment complex.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take certain precautions to ensure that you’re safe, your family is secure, and reduce the chance of theft. That’s why we’re covering some essential safety and security tips for apartment renters. In this article, you’ll learn some vital factors to consider when apartment shopping and some ways to ensure your safety once you’ve moved into your new place. So, let’s jump straight into it.

Look for modern door buzzer systems in your potential picks.

When you’re still looking for an apartment, check if your favorites have a door buzzer in place. An apartment door buzzer is a building entry system for multifamily buildings, such as apartments, to allow staff and tenants to manage visitor access and open their doors or gates remotely. These systems are incredibly handy for preventing trespassers and intruders from entering the property.

However, traditional door buzzer systems are outdated and lack the amenities of modern designs. For example, maintenance is challenging as the system requires wiring and in-unit hardware, making it more prone to maintenance problems. Furthermore, you have to be in your apartment to open the door, leading to missed visitors and deliveries. Finally, there’s no video calling, so you can’t visually confirm who’s visiting you. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for modern door buzzer variations, such as a smartphone-based internet protocol (IP) intercom system.

An IP video intercom system typically has a mobile app that you can use to let your guests in from anywhere, meaning you’ll never miss a guest or delivery again. In addition, the IP intercom’s camera includes video calling. This way, you can see who wants to come in before letting them into your apartment. Furthermore, maintenance is quick and easy, so your apartment staff should have no trouble keeping the system online.

Security cameras are a must.

Security cameras around the complex are paramount for your safety. In addition, most apartment buildings have a designated parking area for tenants. Check for security cameras around the building and parking areas when checking out the place. These cameras will reduce theft in the area and help increase the overall safety when heading into and out of your apartment.

Proper lighting is a necessity.

Additionally, the same areas that need cameras need to be well-lit day and night. Therefore, when apartment hunting, come back to your favorites at night to see how well it’s lit up in the dark. If you’d feel uncomfortable because of dark areas touring the place, you’d likely still be uncomfortable living there. Sites to check for proper lighting include the entrances, hallways, walkways, parking areas, elevators, stairwells, mail areas, and laundry rooms. If these places are hard to navigate because of poor lighting, they’re likely not the safest choice.

Your balcony isn’t a storage space.

Keep in mind that if your apartment has a balcony, don’t use it as storage. It can be tempting to throw a few things, like your bike, out there to get them out of the way from time to time. But all that will do is attract potential thieves. Lower floor balconies are quick and easy pickings for burglars to grab things and get out before you even know it’s gone. If you do need to store your bike on the balcony, make sure you lock it up with a bike lock.

Stay safe in your new apartment.

When renting an apartment, you need to stay safe. Be sure to look out for modern door buzzer variations, security cameras, proper lighting, and don’t use your balcony as storage. So, stay safe and enjoy your new place.

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