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Dasha is a crucial component in horoscopes, according to Vedic astrology. Each of the nine planets’ Dasha (period) has profound impacts on every area of life, including a person’s temperament and personality. Those who believe in astrology may be afraid of Dashas because all planets, depending on their excellent or poor location in the horoscope, offer us the consequences of their Dasha from time to time, both positive and negative. You’ve probably heard that Saturn’s Dasha is underway or that there will be problems if Rahu’s Dasha is underway.

The term Dasha is used in Vedic astrology to describe the time of the planets. The period of the planets specifies when their Sthiti (zodiac sign), house (Bhava), conjunction (Yoga or Raja yoga), or aspects (view or Drishti) create beneficial or harmful effects depending on their placement. There are forty-two types of Dasha systems mentioned in Parashari astrology, but only two are used: “Vimshottari” and “Ashtottari.” One of the nine planets governs each Dasha, and the location of that planet dictates the quality, influence, and outcome of that era.

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Types of Dashas

The location of planets in a person’s horoscope, according to Vedic astrology, determines his life path; this explains Dasha’s significance, which has a profound and significant impact on us. Mahadasha, Antardasha, and Vimshottari Dasha are the three sorts of astrological situations. These Dashas have the power to determine the outcome of our activities concerning time. They also leave an indelible impression on our personalities.


Due to a lack of information and comprehension, the Mahadasha is misconstrued. The name Mahadasha has a nasty ring to it, yet its connotation is the polar opposite of what you imagine. What exactly is Mahadasha? It is just a period controlled by one of the nine planets and occurs in everyone’s life. Mahadasha is a wonderful time that comes knocking on your door and provides amazing and good outcomes.

The Mahadasha has a total duration of 120 years, divided among nine planets. Depending on that planet in general, each Mahadasha has a particular influence on your life. Based on its position in your horoscope, what influence will that planet have?

Each Dasha has a unique effect, and it is necessary to conduct a thorough study before taking any therapeutic steps. There are nine more Antardashas in all. These are Mahadasha’s expanded variants. The Antardasha planets will affect the main planet, amplifying or decreasing the planet’s effect based on its power and placement. These are the several Mahadashas that everyone must go through at some point in their lives. These Mahadasha have the power to either make or break you.

Mahadasha has a significant impact on your life since it plays an important role in your horoscope and subsequent events. All of your actions determine which Mahadasha you will enter next and what is currently happening in your life. During any Mahadasha, you will be given rewards or punishments based on your previous actions. Fruits have also been linked to previous lives. In the end, Karma is all that matters!

Vimshottari Mahadasha

The Vimshottari Mahadasha system is the most extensively utilized calculating system today. The duration of each planet’s Dasha is different according to this scheme. It’s worth noting that because the Vimshottari Dasha follows a 120-year time cycle, it’s impossible to experience the Mahadasha of all the planets in one’s lifetime. Compared to former ages, the average length of human life is now less than half. The length of the first Dasha (period) is related to how far the Moon was going in the Nakshatra at the moment of birth. Each planet’s Mahadasha has Antardasha, sub-divisional locations (Dasha) of other planets. The planet Mahadasha is the subject of the first Antardasha.

The commencement of the Vimshottari Dasha is determined by the Nakshatra position of the Moon at birth, and each Graha from Sun to Ketu has a Dasha period linked with it. Assume the Moon is 16-10 (16 degrees, 10 minutes of arc) in Pisces at the time of birth. This relates to the 26th Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada, whose ruler is Saturn, as there are 27 nakshatras of extent 13-20. As a result, this individual was born during the Saturn Vimshottari dasa era.

For example, if the Sun is in Mahadasha, the Antardasha will always begin with the Sun. The sequence of the Antardasha of the other planets continues after that. Following this approach, the Dasha is further subdivided into a Pratyantar Dasha, which we can attain this way daily or hourly. The timing of prophecies and happenings is decided according to previous astrological research, taking into account the planets involved in Dasha, Antardasha, Prarabdha (a component of your past Karma), and so on. You can now consult the best astrologer in Hyderabad from the comfort of your home through astrology websites and apps.

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