Facebook dating app: do you really need to try it?

Facebook is now more than just a social media network – it is a whole universe for many people. Around 1/7 of the world population is registered on this platform. And due to numerous protective actions, there are relatively few security problems there!

But what does the new dating function on Facebook offer? Is this new branch of the Internet giant promising or disappointing? We’ve decided to look at it from a typical user’s of international dating sites for marriage opinion. Are you already excited about our conclusions? Well, it will definitely be intriguing!

It’s uncomplicated to set it up and quickly get started. In these two points, the Facebook Dating App can score. Also, a no less crucial matter for many singles who are thinking of trying it – your relatives and friends won’t know you are searching for love. Facebook was clear about it from the very beginning – no potential partner suggestions can be made with people from your contact list. Moreover: the fact you use this dating app won’t be visible to anyone.

In fact, Facebook’s platform works similarly to Tinder – the design is just a little bit bluer. There are, however, a few subtle differences. For instance, this one takes the tension off in a simple move. If you’re shown a picture of a woman who has already swiped you right – you will be notified about it. Simply said, you can see that she likes you without buying extra features. It ensures users have more potential matches. But it is a little boring, isn’t it? Since it was accurately this thrill when swiping on Tinder that made matching so exciting, wasn’t it?

There are just a few basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to participate in Facebook Dating. It is, of course, essential to be a user of this social network. What is pretty logical, anyway. But your profile on it must also meet certain criteria. It must have existed for some time, there must be friends added to the contact list, and photos need to show not only cats, dogs, or other animals – as you can see, nothing special.

That’s how you can activate FB Dating in just a few steps:

How extensively you fill out your profile is up to you. Facebook will ask you various questions to catalog your interests as precisely as possible. You can answer, but it is also possible to skip the questions. The more honest and detailed your answers are, the better the future matching suggestions will suit your expectations.

Good news for all singles who don’t like to invest money in the partner search process. Facebook dating is (and probably will be) completely free. This social media colossus only requires the app download because the extension for a desktop version is currently unavailable.

How good is Facebook Dating, you ask? Well, the answer is not really clear-cut yet.

However, it was, actually, only a matter of time for this feature to be added. Everyone knows a lot of couples who have already met each other through Facebook groups. And, to be honest, we don’t know whether it makes sense that a new “swipe left and right” mode has been developed. Still, who knows: maybe it will be less superficial than Tinder.

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