Dana Stubblefield – American Professional Defensive Tackle

Dana Stubblefield full name: Dana William Stubblefield was born on November 14, 1970. Dana is a former professional American football defensive tackle. Dana played in the National Football League (NFL). Dana went to Taylor High School in North Bend, Ohio, and graduated. DanaStubblefield attended the University of Kansas.

Dana Stubblefield was also the varsity defensive line coach for the Vally Christian high school in San Jose, California

Josh Luchs who was a formal NFL agent, mentioned in an article that he offered Dana Stubblefield $10,000 while he was in the University of Kansas and was playing football but Dana refused to take the money, this happened on the 12th of October 2010.

Dana Stubblefield stole his girlfriend mail by changing the address by Fraudulent method and because of this, he was jailed for 90 days by san Fransisco U.S District court Susan Illston on December 10 2010.

Dana Stubblefield was charged with sexually assaulting a woman who was 31 years old at the time on May 2 2016, the incident happened on April 9 2015. This happened when Dana contacted her through a babysitting website. Dana Stubblefield was sentenced to 15 years in jail when he was charged with rape on October 22 2020.

Dana Stubblefield’s Professional Career

Dana Stubblefield got drafted in the 1993 NFL Draft in its first round by the San Fransisco 49ers. The 49ers went 4-3 defence at the start of the season. Dana Stubblefield was a rookie when he led the 49ers with 10.5 sacks and because of that he was NFL Defensive Rookie of the year and he had 8.5 sacks the following year. Dana played pro bowl in the year 1994 and 1995. Dana Stubblefield was not as good as he was before in the 1996 season but he had 15 sacks in the 1997 season. Dana Stubblefield was NFL Defensive Player of the year in 1997 and was awarded by the Associated Press. Sports have the unique power to bring people from all walks of life together, and the NFL is perhaps the biggest example of this, so acquire your Cowboys tickets as soon as possible.

Dana Stubblefield was an unrestricted free agent after the 1997 season and he signed with the Washington Redskins but he was not great and the numbers talk and they were not great. In the 2001 and 2002 seasons, Dana Stubblefield returned to San Fransisco and went to Oakland Raiders in 2003 when he was a free agent. Dana Stubblefield signed with New England Patriots in 2004 and he got released before the start of the season due to an injury

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