EMBODY Muscle Sculpture: Is This the Best Treatment For You?

Having the perfect abs can be a dream come true for most individuals. But not everyone is blessed with the genes to have the fittest muscles. So if you are pressed for time to get the most amazing abs for flaunting this summer, you may consider other options like EMBODY muscle-sculpting and other non-surgical treatments for body toning. 

These cutting-edge treatments use groundbreaking technologies to tone your muscles and eliminate body fats. It is perfect for those who need to get rid of excess flab around the abdominal area despite extensive workouts and a strict diet. While it sounds like a miracle solution, it would be best to know more about it and what you can expect if you get this treatment.  

How EMBODY Muscle Sculpting Procedures Work? 

The EMBODY muscle-sculpting treatments are the leading non-surgical procedure to burn fats and tone muscles in the tummy area. Its technology uses patented High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) technology to prompt intense muscle contractions. 

This treatment will mimic the effects of engaging in 30-minute 20,000 squats or sit-ups with 90% efficacy.  

Why is EMBODY Muscle Sculpting Treatment Popular? 

Aside from being non-invasive, this procedure does not need a long recovery time. It does not also require any pre-and post-treatment procedures. 

In addition, plenty of people choose this procedure because it helps define and strengthen the muscles and eliminate fat cells. It also provides long-lasting results. 

What Does EMBODY Treatments Feel Like? 

This treatment is not painful, but it will make you feel uncomfortable during every session. It is because the muscles will have to contract involuntarily. In addition, the deep vibration will cause twitching in your muscles, which can be alarming at first until you start adjusting to the sensation. 

The intensity increases after a few minutes, and expect to feel a tapping sensation during the resting intervals. Once the body sculpting procedure is done, you can expect to feel like you have an extensive workout. However, you may also experience muscle fatigue in the areas where the EMBODY treatment took place. 

Who is This Treatment For? 

EMBODY treatments are ideal if you want to tone your abdominal muscles. It is also the best solution if you have already exerted all efforts in working out and counting your calories to trim your waist and abdominal areas, but flab refuses to come off. 

Women who just gave birth can also benefit from having this procedure, especially those who have problems with diastasis recti. However, some people must avoid doing these treatments. It includes internal metal medical devices like metal implants, pacemakers, and copper IUDs.  

What Can You Expect From This Treatment? 

Aside from rock-hard abs, you will notice that your core muscles are more robust than before having the procedure. Some people also claimed that they experience lesser lower back pains. 

Also, the EMBODY muscle sculpture procedure results get better with every session. You will see visible muscle definition in the next couple of months. Once you get the recommended number of sessions, you will immediately observe that you have stronger muscles. This improvement will help you endure more intense workouts. 

After learning all the facts about the EMBODY muscle sculpture treatments, you can begin booking your first session with your trusted body sculpting clinic. The information will let you get the best results in no time. 

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