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Why Organic Instagram Followers Are Better Than Paid Ones

With over 500 million daily active users accessing the app globally per Statista, Instagram is undoubtedly one of today’s most extensive social media networks. As a result, the importance of running thriving social media accounts for all modern-day companies has become increasingly important these days. Therefore, it is no surprise that organizations launch various Instagram marketing campaigns to encourage their followers’ base to grow. 

However, these days it’s pretty standard for many companies to try and take the dangerous yet straightforward path of social media growth and employ Instagram “growth services” where they pay ridiculous amounts of money to get fake followers on their account instead of going for it in the natural, organic way. Well, you’ve probably heard of the good old saying—you always get what you pay for. This saying perfectly explains purchasing fake followers or likes from specific services, as it will cost you absurd amounts of money, which you can better allocate for strategic growth.


For that reason, instead of overpaying for shady Instagram growth tools that most certainly won’t bring any positive results in the long run, it’s best to pursue organic Instagram growth for your brand instead, since this is the only way you can attract real followers that will stay and optimize your account by being active. 

If you’re still not convinced why real, hard-earned followers are worth ten times more to your brand than paid ones, this post will help you better acknowledge why your brand needs more organic followers and should stay away from the paid, fake ones. 

Real Engagement Is Way More Important Than Follower Count

To begin with, research named the “Social Media Inflation Index” conducted by TrackMaven, measured the engagement of over 6.8 million pieces of content from 285 brands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over six months. The research found that brands with less than 8000 followers on Instagram and Twitter performed better in engagement rates than those with more than 100k followers on both networks.

This leads to understanding that it’s much more important to have real followers on your Instagram account who will engage and interact with your brand than overpaying for new followers who are actually plain Instagram accounts and will never interact with your brand in any way.  


If you’re organically growing your followers’ base and continuously adding value to your user’s feed, your followers will be more likely to be interested in your brand, what you do, and with a proper marketing strategy, you can convert these leads into people who will spend money in your business and may become loyal brand ambassadors. 

Real Followers Can’t Damage Your Brand Unlike Their Paid Counterparts

When you buy social media followers and likes, you get a quick boost of attention, but you can’t build a long-term business strategy on this kind of attention. On the other hand, organically gained, real Instagram followers won’t damage your reputation because they aren’t bad bots but real persons who are genuinely interested in your brand. 

As we mentioned before, some brands choose to buy fake followers because they want to skip the time-consuming part of the equation. However, this strategy can irreparably damage your brand’s reputation over time as it actually showcases that you only care about quantity when it comes to your image. 

Organically gained Instagram followers give you a real chance at success. Over time, you can build personal relationships with them, make them fall in love with your brand’s story and products or services, and convert them into brand advocates. 


Organic Followers Are Forever Free Of Charge

By adding value to your posts, you create interest, and interest leads to organic followers, further propelled by word-of-mouth and referrals of happy customers. In addition, organically gained followers usually love to follow your work, and they’re generally never shy of telling their friends and family about it— creating an eco-system that will bring even more organic followers to your account. 

This process is and will remain forever free of charge, as instead of paying for it with money, you “pay” for it with effort and great content. Furthermore, suppose you conduct marketing campaigns worth paying attention to, like the occasional giveaway. In that case, real people will notice it would like to participate in what you’re organizing, thus bringing even more new followers to your Instagram account.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, organic followers are better than paid ones for a plethora of reasons: they don’t disappear after a while, they can’t damage your Instagram account in any way like fake ones can, and they are absolutely free of charge. To attract them, remember that creating genuine interactions with your target audience is the most critical piece of the puzzle. It makes them interested in what you offer and drives them to click the “follow” button on your account.

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