11 Critical Features Of cPanel You Must Need To Know

First released in 1996, cPanel is now known among the most reliable, trustworthy, and popular control panels. The prime reason for its popularity is the user-friendly, well-structured, and responsive interface. Consequently, cPanel does not need the user to be very tech-savvy; anyone can use it to produce top-notch outputs such as managing domains, publishing websites, creating an email account, organizing files, etc. It is the first go-to option for routine users and system managers. Furthermore, This Linux OS-based web hosting control panel makes the best choice for hosting Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other websites. Hence, here is a brief overview of some amazing features of cPanel you must know before you buy cPanel license.

1. FTTP manager

You can easily manage FTTP access to the server. It includes setting up FTTP accounts, anonymous FTTP access, FTTP session control, etc.

2. File management 

cPanel organizes the files on a website on the server, which is user-friendly and straightforward. You can manage the data right from within the cPanel interface, including the deletion, creation, editing, and other tasks. You don’t have to establish an FTP connection and make additional user IDs and passwords.

3. Email

The email tool of cPanel facilitates the management of emails within the control panel. It offers multiple podiums of communication and gives the access to create a business email account, delete, message, forward, filter, and spam blocking. The most important of all the features of cPanel is that it not only allows the administrators to create email accounts but also to moderate the design and modification of email addresses. Furthermore, with a cheap cPanel license, you can encrypt your emails for security and read & write emails anywhere around the globe.

4. Backups 

With the ever-increasing cyber-attacks, backups are vital to any website. Furthermore, backups help you recover the lost data due to glitches such as hardware failure and corrupted files. cPanel offers a built-in backup function. Hence, if you buy a cPanel license, you can easily create the backups of your website with just one click. Furthermore, if you wish to download the backup and store it on another remote server, cPanel is always yes, making it the best choice for web hosting. 

5. Database management

cPanel has an integrated phpMyAdmin within its control panel, allowing users to manage their databases easily. The cPanel support administrators can create, manage, edit, import, and search the databases instantly.       

6. Domain management

cPanel gives you root-level access to domain management. The impeccable features of cPanel also include handing over complete control over the DNS settings of your website. You can easily add the domains, parked domains, subdomains, set up domain aliases. Furthermore, it allows the administration of redirecting commands smoothly. Indeed, domain management gets very easy with cPanel.

7. Script editing

One of the most versatile features cPanel offers is the script editing that allows you to regulate the bogs and features such as shopping carts, online chatbots, forums, etc.

8. Third-party integration 

cPanel license cheap allows you third-party integration, which means that the managers can easily install third-party tools of their choice. Hence, with cPanel, the administrator can quickly improve the user experience by installing the related plugins, enhancing security with security scanners such as ImunifyAV.

9. Raw log manager and access log

With the raw log manager, you can decide how the raw logs will be stored on your hosting account. Furthermore, if you buy cPanel license, you will be able to download the raw access logs for whichever domain you want. In this way, cPanel facilitates the user movement tracking.

10. Error Log

Another one of the remarkable features of CPanel includes the error log, which helps resolve the 404 errors. Error log enlists all the 404 – File does not exist errors, and you can quickly get to the missing files on your website. Hence, you can quickly resolve the 404 error by replacing the files and repairing the broken links.

11. Two-factor authentication 

Last but not least, you may enhance the security of your cPanel to the next level by using the 2 Factor Authentication tool of its control panel. Of course, anyone with the credentials will be allowed access only with the verification code sent to their phone. Nonetheless, it serves as an extra security wall for hackers and helps avoid unauthorized users accessing your control panel.

Hence, if you buy cheap cPanel license, you will be enjoying an extremely user-friendly interface along with the best unique features of cPanel. Furthermore, the discounted cPanel pricing has made cPanel an approachable quality option for professionals and newbies. Not only do the features make cPanel stand out, but it offers various add-ons as well. It perfectly suits websites of varying volumes. Lastly, these are only the standard features of cPanel. If you wish to have the whole cPanel experience, check out the discounted cPanel pricing.

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